Vitamin HB | Say “Goodbye” to Concealer Wrinkles!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hey Huda,

Must say LOVE your blog and could swear by every word you say, just wanted to ask that I’m 20 years old I’m noticing wrinkles under my eyes and they tend to appear more when i cover them with concealer cuz i have black bags under my eyes as well, what cream or remedy would you recommend me to use to reduce or remove these wrinkles? and how do i avoid my concealer from creating lines under my eyes?

Hi darling! OMG! You’re waaay too cute!! 🙂 This is something I deal with now and I actually started to deal with it at a very young age! Concealer wrinkles suck, never mind wrinkles that are enhanced with concealer! It’s kind of a catch 22, because you want to wear concealer to cover the bags, but don’t want the wrinkles! So it’s a toughy! There’s no way to avoid concealer in my case!

One of the things I do use is a wrinkle plumper while I wear the makeup! My favorites are the Olay Regenerist 30 second Wrinkle Filler and the MAC Fast Response Eye Cream. Both of these are great for helping reduce wrinkles so that when you do wear makeup, your wrinkles will at least plump up slightly!

Try to use as little makeup as possible! Concealers like Giorgio Armani Master Correctors and Too Faced’s Hollywood Medium are great because they are super thing and conceal with a slight amount of product! I also recommend just pressing your concealer in lightly with your fingers once applied, then using a damp sponge, apply a pressed powder to the area, which will keep your concealer from moving! This trick is great and works really well at keeping the wrinkles at a minimum!

Remember on days where you don’t need concealer, skip it! Nothing beats being healthy and makeup free and the more you allow your skin to rest, the better you will age (or not age) over time! 😉


15 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Say “Goodbye” to Concealer Wrinkles!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    i really need an awesome concealer

    • How’s your skin type boo?

      • 3 Mary Monroe

        Oily :-/ &dry at times

  2. 4 farahshah

    i have that mac eye cream but unfortunately it doesnt work for me 😦
    total waste of money 😦

    • I personally like the one from Olay much more! Give it a try! Xx

  3. 6 suman

    i love your vitamain HB section 🙂 jus luv it, i had heard that tea bags r guud for gettin rid of eye bags, scince u r by beautiful beauty guru 🙂 i woz jus winderin if u cud giv me instruction step by step to explain how to do it, because i really don’t undastand it 😦 thanx

    • 7 suman


  4. 8 Sara

    What eye cream do you recommend for dark circles? please help 😦

  5. You can also use an eyeshadow primer under the eyes to prevent creasing, and it also keeps your concealer in place. The NYX eyeshadow primer works very well for this, and it’s very economical!

  6. You can also use eyeshadow primer under the eyes before applying concealer. It prevents creasing and keeps the concealer in place. NYX has a good eyeshadow primer that works great for this, and it’s cheap!

  7. 11 sophia

    huda, hands on , your HB section is FREAKING awesome, i`m loving your tips once again at the risk of repeating everyone`s comment……….Keep up the wonderful work that you do, truly an inspiration,

    We need more make-up artists like yourself in Canada!

    xox bisous à toi

  8. Hey Huda, Have you tried Diorskin sculpt smoothing lifting concealer? I want a liquid concealer that covers dark circles and doesn’t settle in lines. How about Laura Mercier? My skin type is normal/combination, eye area on the ever so slightly dry side in comparison to the rest of my face.? xxxxxxx

    • Hi darling! I’ve tried them both and they are ok, but personally I prefer the Armani, Clea de Pau or the Too Faced! For normal/combination with dry skin around the eye, I would really recommend the Too Faced! Just make sure you press it in very lightly with a powder! 🙂

      • Thank you huni, I have Clea de Pau and your right it is good. But I use it sparingly as it’s so hard to purchase in the UK! I always get it on my trip to the US! So need something for everyday, I will give Armani a test, thank you so much xx

  9. 15 Mimi D

    Hey Huda, thank you so much for your reply! 😀 was so excited to this post!! – i bought the olay cream but armani don’t have the corrector in my shade as I’m a medium/tan shade and i looked in all the too faced booths in London but cudnt find the herbal eye base, they don’t stock them apparently & online wudnt deliver to UK! 😦 any others you think would work for me? Thankuu! Xxxx

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