CONTEST TIME!!! Want a Goody Bag from our Huda Beauty Bash?!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hiiii my darlings!!! Soooo as you may know, I am relaunching my blog on May 4!!! Yaay!! I can’t wait till you guys see the design! I’m working very hard with an amazing team and I hope you guys love it!! Yesterday actually made my 2 year anniversary for and I can’t believe it! I remember my first year when I finally got 1,000,000 hits for the whole year, and now we’re getting more than that a month! All thanks to you guys! I get a lot of questions about why I blog, and I can’t tell you guys I love hearing your comments on the posts! You guys are honestly my biggest inspiration of all and I love you guys so much, I will never be able to put it into words!

Ok, so for my relaunch, I’m really anxious and hoping so much that you guys will love it! For the relaunch, we will be celebrating with a HUGE relaunch! It will be a whole day of pampering (don’t want to give too much away)!! And of course, no Huda Beauty Party would be complete with a goody bag filled with my favorite products! This years goody bag will have makeup from Dolce & Gabbana, Perfume from Giorgio Armani, my two favorite products from Olay, Pantene Clinic Care Amples, Vaseline Healthy Even Tone (which I love and will tell you guys more about soon), one of my favorite serums from Kerastase, Beauty Blender Sponge, gorgeous nail polishes from NStyle, an awesome product from Bioderma, vouchers from Kaya Skin Clinic, Nstyle and more! It’s serious madness and all the products will be full sized!

For this contest, you can either come to the party or get the goody bag! All you have to do is make a short 1-2 minute video telling me why you love Huda Beauty! You can upload your video to Youtube and send the link to! The winners will have their videos compiled in a video for Huda Beauty! There will be 10 winners!! Good luck my loves!!! <3<3<3<3


26 Responses to “CONTEST TIME!!! Want a Goody Bag from our Huda Beauty Bash?!!”

  1. EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE FOR THIS CONTEST!! Anywhere in the world!!

    Contest ends April 30

  2. 2 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    It’s not often that I make videos because I’m quite shy lol but Huda, your blog is my absolute favourite so anything for you. I’ll get started on the video! xx

    • aww I seriously love you!! <3<3<3

  3. 4 crystal

    CONGRATS HUDA!!!! Sooo exciting!! I will definately do this as soon. As i get home.. :] I just started my youtube channel.. can you give me tips on how you did it ? .. pls.

  4. 5 Honey

    Hudaaa that’s amazing! Tell us more about your favorite Olay and Bioderma products!!! 🙂

  5. best of luck for ur new blog ,,, n congrats on hitting such a huge mark … btw it isnt shocking news u truly deserve every bit of that success not only have u have worked hard but ur such a talented artist i have watched each n everyone of ur tutorials i have learned alot but i still have to try alot harder to come even a percent close to ur work … i will definitely try to make that video but even if i dont participate i wish u all the best

  6. 7 nimra

    :O do i have to show my face in the video…?

  7. 8 MakeUpNaive

    Wow!! Would you look at all those goodies? Unfortunately i dont have any video cam so i guess i wont qualitfy this time. Nevertheless, i shall blabber my way on why i absoulutely adore your blog. The thing is you made another convert on DIY homemade skin care & remedies, you turn my views & made a believer in me. Now everyday i am kissing up the air, gulping down green tea, rummaging the kitchen cupboard, experimenting on new ways for a “greener me”. BTW, i found out that Blossom Water is good for the pores. Now instead of reading the newspaper i am reading Vitamin HB! Mabrook Huda, you deserve this truimph, cheerish it!

  8. 9 Roxanne Shaikh

    Congrats Huda Best of luck for your new Blog. I wont make the video, but wish u all the luck for your new venture

  9. 10 suman

    coongrats huda on ur new launch, i can seriously not wait for the relaunch 😀 i can jus abou imagine hw much wrk u av 2 do with ur blog aswell as lukin afta ur little princess 🙂 and i swear u r the only women hu has a big heart of pure gold 🙂 i can not wait 4 the 4th ov may, i’m gonna b countin the dayzz nw for ur new relaunch. oh and congrats 4 ur 2nd anniversarry ov ur blog. loveeee yuu! 🙂 ❤ xxx

  10. 11 Mary Monroe

    I’m so exciteddd i just sent you my video I hope you like it<33!!!

  11. 12 Sumaiyah

    Aww, I’m too shy! I’d love to live in Dubai though! lol Love you Huda, Congrats darling!

  12. 13 Anna

    Gongrats Huda:))Best of luck for your new blog. You are great:) You are so beautiful woman and i love your blog and you. Evrey day I read it.When i go to shopping i take list with your favorite products and i’m so executive:) I write for first time here, but i’m your big fan 🙂 (sorry for my english) 😛 🙂 <3<3<3 xxxxx

  13. 14 Sammy

    Hi Ms. Huda I am Samreen, a big fan of yours though living far far away.. your impact in my life started when my sister mahi came to visit us back home last year in UAE with tons of print out papers and home made beauty jars been marked with super radiant scrub, carrot facial and 1 more dont rem name of it now.. she become so particular and caring about her skin that we all loved it, me being young clad ofcourse tried to take after and grab a hand on her papers which are your blog printout, she is obsessed with by your tips and i’m a club member now 😉 where I’m we dont get these original beauty product very easily but you have to search in n have to go to these glitzy and very expensive malls to find them due to fashion industry prevailing here normal public is getting aware of these products now, I really dont have cam to make a video honestly and can’t upload also m in internet cafe of my uni to scribble and writing to u first time but u have an impact in my life for almost a year now, whenever i get a chance i read your blog since it’s so helpful for middle class people also and have home remedies, like any other girl out there I also would love to meet u but m not in UAE but will visit my sister hopefully by end of the year inshAllah so will try to get a glimse of you so I guess I can’y qualify for amazing beauty bash 😦 for goody bag I know you wont courier it internationally so I guess I am not eligible also, but if I can qualify for it then I can give my brother’s address in UAE also 🙂 he does visit us often and can bring it .. hehe guess m dreaming lols.. I have never hold these products in my hand in real just used some branded perfumes which my sister brings for me 🙂 I am getting married end of this year also and planning to get some good make up for me so if I won it would be a great great gift for me and will add to me vanity .. sigh I wish if you could do my bridal make over.. I think it would be too demanding asking my hubby to be to have our marriage ceremony in UAE 😉 .. win or not I wanna say I love you.

  14. 15 Geet

    Hi Huda.. congrats..
    I reside in Bangalore, India. I need to purchase dermaroller, can u help me please…

  15. 16 Ada

    It has to be uploaded to YouTube or sent to you?? Why am I confused lol!!

  16. 17 maryam

    HI Angel, good luck on relaunching your blog, and can’t wait for the party 🙂 You are a good teacher and i am so blessed and grateful for all the things i’ve learned from your blog.
    All The Best.

  17. 18 Marwa

    I wish you all success and luck Huda 🙂

  18. 19 Misbah Shaikh

    hey huda, you can’t possibly fathom how happy i am for you……. may you prosper and have so many outlets that it can be accesable to every common man.I am sure it’s an overwhelming moment for you.It’s your baby after all…. Ofcourse after your lil princess. but trust me your the glam fairy in disguise who touch our lives in a way no other brand name does….. i love make up artistry wish i could get training from you…….is it possible??????????? you dont know how you have touched my life….. for a middle class girl like me to be able to dream was impossible……….. u helped me do it. where will the launch be in dubai…… i wana come…..most of all see you….. win or not….
    i absoloutely love you. you are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah….:)

  19. 20 Roxanne Shaikh

    Hi Huda still waiting to be invited to your relaunch, am very very exited, ;pls send me an invite. Thanks

  20. 21 sana allana

    Hi huda..
    I m shy persn..won’t b able to do a vdo..I lik huda beauty cz..I lik d way u say abt d products u try on..sumtimes can’t afford pricey product..u gv alternativ drugstre products whc s amazin..thnk u fr sharin al dis..n ur DIYs r so helpful…lov the way u keep us part of ur life..ur givaways r super temptin too..

    I stay in honestly cnt cm to huda beauty m mther of twins..7mnths old…bth r naughty boys..hardly get tim fr myself..

    Wl wait fr ur party picz..:(…til thn enjoy hav lots of fun…

  21. 22 melody

    Heya Huda,firstly congrats on the relaunch of your blog,im so excited to see what it looks like,im sorry i would not be able to put up a video(im not too comfy with uploading my video) but just for u to know i am a die hard fan of urs,especially when it comes to your reviews and make up tutorials.I personally love reading reviews but i have to say yours stand mainly because of the way they are potrayed.It always feels like you are speaking to us face to face with all your expressions and the terms you use:).You sure are a inspiration to all the mums and ladies out there.the fact that you even find time to respond to my queries feels really great. Im sure your beauty bash is going to be a big hit!

    Love and Hugs xoxoxo

  22. 23 Roxanne Shaikh

    Hi Huda , Still awaiting the invitation for the relaunch of your blog, hope you have not forgotten us

  23. hi darlings!! To qualify for the contest, you must do the video! Otherwise, it won’t be fair to those who did! The contest is now closed and the winners should have received by email the invitation!

    • 25 Ritu

      Hi Huda
      I did do the video and you have emailed me to come to the party but I don’t have any details to the party. I’ve sent you an email, could you please check it and email me back.
      I know you must be pretty busy with everything, so I am really sorry to bother you with this.

      Thanks so much for your help!

  24. 26 Ritu

    Hi Huda
    I did do the video and you have emailed me to come to the party but I don’t have any details to the party. I’ve sent you an email, could you please check it and email me back.
    I know you must be pretty busy with everything, so I am really sorry to bother you with this.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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