OMG! Is that YOU, Marilyn? Marilyn’s Real-Life Twin!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

There’s no denying that one of the most influential beauty icons of all time was Marilyn Monroe! I’ve always loved learning about her beauty routine and her super secret makeup ritual! I was literally blown away when I saw these pics of Suzie Kennedy! She looks exactly like Marilyn Monroe in most of the pics and it’s pretty mind boggling! I would completely think some of the pictures were Marilyn! Pretty insane!!! What do you guys think? Does she look like her?


21 Responses to “OMG! Is that YOU, Marilyn? Marilyn’s Real-Life Twin!”

  1. 1 Hallie

    no sorry this chic is trying too hard

    • 2 nihad


  2. 3 Hallie

    she looks nothing like MS Monroe

  3. 4 maha


  4. 5 sara hamdan

    wow I thought it was her!!

  5. 6 fakhra

    so much like Marilyn

  6. 7 Kamala

    No matter whatever………. MM cant be replicated

  7. 8 MakeUpNaive

    Ms. Huda why dont you use slideshow compatible for iOS & OS for the pictures? It makes browsing easier & clutter free.. Just a thought but worth giving a shot, it will add an extra uuummpphhh to your already fabulous site! 🙂

    • 9 Sanaz

      Thats true!

      • 10 MakeUpNaive

        hehehe yes i just hope she reads this 🙂

  8. 11 Lia J.

    She does look like her a little bit. How ironic that her last name is Kennedy?

    • 12 Sumaiyah

      Lol, I know that was the first thing i noticed. Not the fact that she resembled marilyn, not that she does!

  9. 13 Honey

    Totally different person…

  10. 14 Rachael Alvarado

    She looks just like her!!

  11. really good look alike!

  12. 16 hayley

    i don’t feel she look like her…she actually look like a poser and her body-type is way off (too broad of shoulders/not thin enough waist)…which are also key features in Marylin’s uniqueness

  13. 17 hadeel

    ammm…she doesn’t really look like MM, maybe a little bit

  14. 18 Sanaz

    She looks nothing like MM :/

    Her mouth looks funny…trying to hard

  15. 19 Mary Monroe

    In some pictures yes… I LOVE MARILYN she’s my fav beauty icon

  16. Her mouth and eye expression are totally fake…I will not buy her as Marilyn…she was one of a kind!!! I love her!!!

  17. one more thing, Marilyn charm was something that shined from within I think…Thats why she is probably the only beauty icon most famous for her gestures of laughter or smiling with her teeth showing…it is totally obvious she was 100% confident with herself…When I look at her photos, I feel like at that moment she did not really care what people were gonna see of her, I feel she was totally herself…As we have a saying; something that comes out of the heart would make its way into hearts….this is only why Marilyin is in the hearts! Nowadays, everybody is trying too hard to be charming!!Like this lady..We need to practice and be Marilyn from inside 🙂 LOve you Huda ❤

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