Vitamin HB | One Hit Wonder–Orange You Amazing?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Ever wonder how celebrities maintain seriously amazing skin?! Well, I have! One of the most popular ingredients among celebrities, models, and skin obsessed beauty bloggers (i.e. ME) is Vitamin C! I am constantly on the search for face creams and treatments that are packed with Vitamin C, but sometimes you can get all you need from simple things like an orange! Oranges are FULL of Vitamin C and great for boosting natural radiance, brightness, and collagen in skin!

One of my favorite things you can do, literally anywhere you are is use an orange and rub it all over your face! This adds instant radiance and helps tremendously with fighting wrinkles, scarring and any other imperfections! Just leave on your skin for 15 minutes and rinse, voila! Super simple beauty that is veeery effective!!


7 Responses to “Vitamin HB | One Hit Wonder–Orange You Amazing?”

  1. 1 missyuae

    so weirrrrd that I’m drinking fresh orange juice right now!! loool
    i will make sure 2 apply some on my face later!
    thnx beautiful hudaa x0x0

  2. 2 Roxy

    Lol, I’ll try not to eat it instead 😛 Thnx gorgeous!!

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    I love oranges!! Can’t wait to try this Xo

  4. 4 Suman

    Oranges iz 1 ov my fav fruit, i eat nd drink lotz ov em. ur gr8 huda, i wnted u 2 do me a written review on naturall ways ov gettin rid ov eyebags i had read tea bags r gr8 4 them 🙂 thanxx i really appreciate everything u do, luv yaa ❤ xxx xxx xxx

  5. 5 lu5h

    how often shld i do this?

  6. 6 deema ~

    the orange for all types of skin !! .. thanks

  7. 7 BeautyGlam

    LOVE your tips and U!!

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