Vitamin HB | DIY Acne Body Scrub!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

The other day while I was sitting with a super sweet friend of mine, she was complaining about body acne, more specifically BACKNE! We all know it sucks, but the scars it leaves behind are even worse! The best way to avoid scars is to avoid acne! I’ve always had issues with breakouts, but I swear by acne fighting body scrubs! One of my absolute FAAAVORITE at home body scrubs is actually amazing at fighting acne and keeping your skin super soft from head to toe! This is one you have to try!! 🙂



1/3 cup sea salt
1/3 olive oil
1 tablespoon raw oats
10-20 uncoated aspirin

Mix sea salt and oats in a bowl, then add olive oil. Crush the aspirin in a jar, then add to the mixture. Work the scrub into damp skin and focus on areas that break out. You can repeat this every other day or as needed!


13 Responses to “Vitamin HB | DIY Acne Body Scrub!”

  1. 1 meme

    thanks for this tip , i’ll try it .
    but can you tell me what is the uncoated asprin , can you give a brand name ?
    can we use for more than once or everytime we should repeat these steps ?

    thanx alot

  2. 2 lala_boo

    Hey Huda this sounds awesome! i was just thinking of buying something like this but id rather just make it myself as it sounds yummy
    can you tell me are the aspirins you use the dissoluble kind?

  3. 3 Reem


  4. 4 Alya

    should it be aspirin can’t i change to some other drug ,, coz they don’t sell aspirin in Doha

  5. 5 H from iraq

    I need to do this. Thanks

  6. 6 Ada

    Just what I needed! Thanks!

  7. 7 salooma

    i am n loooooooooooooooooooooooove n scrups u r super amazing , thnx a looot i will try it now bye 🙂

  8. 8 iheartlondie

    OMG…thank you for this. I have all of these ingredients and it won’t break my pockets! You are totally awesome, thank you so much for all of your tips =)

  9. This is an awesome recipe and I have all of the ingredients in my kitchen…that’s why I love this blog…Thanks soo much =)

  10. 10 jas

    i wanna try this out- seems this really work out on me.
    just wanted to ask which brand of aspirin are to use?

  11. 11 MakeUpNaive

    How much is the milligram dose of your aspirin? What is the brandname or will any generic aspirin do?

  12. 12 Mary Monroe

    very interesting

  13. thank u v much for home remedies

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