Plastic Fantastic? Model Spends $800K, Turns herself into Real-Life Barbie


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, a real life-sized Barbie! Valerie, a Ukrainian model has spent a loooot on making sure she looks (and probably feels) like a real life Barbie! After seeing her images, it’s pretty insane how much she really does look like a plastic Barbie! Talk about poor body image? I feel bad that someone would think they need to go this far, or maybe it’s all for publicity, who knows. But the fact remains, this woman is definitely crazy to spend nearly a million dollars to look plastic! The crazy part is that she almost has exact real-life Barbie portions! Who knows what she had to do to get there, but I am assuming that she may have needed to remove a rib or two! Let’s face it, she makes Heidi Montag look completely normal!

I’ll be honest, she doesn’t look soooo horrible! Her waist looks scary, but her face can look normal at times! I can only imagine how it must hurt to move certain parts of your face after having so much surgery! Her nose is so thin it looks like it might cave in, in some photos! Do you guys think she looks good?


50 Responses to “Plastic Fantastic? Model Spends $800K, Turns herself into Real-Life Barbie”

  1. 1 Najla

    OMG !!!! This is soooo weird.

  2. 2 jen

    Im terrifed i will have nightmares until eternity its creepy omg

    • OMG! lol

  3. 4 zah'raa

    Wow , she seemed to be a really pretty Girl , She really spoilt herself! Completely ridiculous . All these Women incl kim k are like puppets to the World ,Their bodies are being Used and they allowing it , soon they will realise when its too late ,how can this wana Be barbie Get back to herself again? She’s Dead already , I fear what will happen to them in their Graves .

    The women of Today ,need to …..WAKEUP!!

  4. 5 Minnaj

    That’s the craziest thing I have read in a while! She doesn’t look too bad, but it’s just sad.

  5. 6 DS

    although her face doesn’t look bad, it looks completely frozen..the body,..looks terrifying! i never noticed Barbie had boobs that big its not even proportionate

  6. 7 Ligia

    I agree…I believe there is some serious image issues. She does look quite plastic..more like a japanese anime cartoon..which is a trend…but its also a trend and trends fade. Her body looks uncomfortably abnormal…Im sure she was gorgeous to begin with and that money could have definetly been donated to a more worthy cause..but alas we must leave her to her will. I believe attention…maybe a yurning for a 15min fame..shock..who knows what her motivation was..but she certainly has some serious issues to address. Huda you look fabulous as always..we miss you in Cali..from my world to your..xoxoxox Ligia

  7. Whoever her surgeon was did a really really good job. But she doesn’t seem to be able to smile. I wonder what her voice sounds like.

  8. 9 renren

    Stories like this scare me so much. To think women freed themselves from torturous practices like feet binding and excruciating corsets and this woman CHOOSES to do this to herself.

  9. 10 Sabrina

    What did she do to her face to make it look so plastic-like! Very freaky!

  10. 11 Nihal

    Omg! Her body reminds me of ET’s :s

  11. The picture on the beach where she looks most natural, she looks beautiful.

    • 13 Ada

      I was wondering if that was presurgery too??

  12. 14 Tiffany

    See I disagree cause I think she’s actually beautiful, besides the over sized boobs and scary small waist, her face is pretty and def looks like a doll, big ups to that surgeon lil cause he is amazing

  13. She really looks like a barbie. If I haven’t read the whole story I really did thought she’s one of the most beautiful barbie being created.

  14. 16 Fatma Mad

    This is very scary!

  15. omg, very bad. changing gods creation

    • I agree…God made her gorgeous to begin with, I’m sure. Don’t really understand the attraction women have to being perfect. I think it’s the imperfection that makes each woman unique and beautiful in the way that God meant them to be. This woman has taken it into her own hands to BE what SOCIETY has decided is beauty….and it just isn’t. Jesus lived, died and rose again because He see’s us as beautiful creations that He was willing and DID die to become one with…and that’s enough for me!

  16. 19 n9na

    im sure she looked better before she had it all done.

  17. 20 jojosbeautyguide

    Everyone is entitle to do as the feel with their body but, she shouldn’t have done that. She have actually become some one she’s not.

  18. 21 Sakia

    That is disturbing is there a before picture?

  19. 22 Sumaiyah

    Holy crap. I think I might just die from looking at her!

  20. I wonder what she got done exactly. like all the details and surgeries she went through!

  21. OMG

  22. 25 Mary Monroe

    This is crayyy!! Her body looks creepy but she has a pretty face

  23. 26 M

    Her face is sooo pretty but her boobies are way too big ruined the whole look anyway this is crazy but she really looks pretty

  24. She looks sort of scary in a way… I mean don’t get me wrong she’s a beautiful girl, but it looks really unnatural to me and her face/ eyes have that same dead doll look..its kind of freaky in a way

  25. 28 Rinu

    No words

  26. 29 sindy

    i wonder if she drive the pink car too lol,she do look like the lady next to her, assume is her mother,as far as her body,dolls don’t have such a big boobs.

  27. wow she totally creeps me out.

  28. 31 sidrah

    There’s no way she can ever bear a child. feel sorry for her really… I’d pick my son over looking good anyday.

  29. 32 Sarah

    Creepy. That’s all I have to say.

  30. 33 Kevin

    *throws photoshop out the window*

  31. 34 Rachael Alvarado

    I’m sorry but she looks like a dumb ass!! Lol

  32. 35 hadeel

    She and Hiedi montage should meet, they will be BFF

  33. 36 cosmocalista

    It’s scary!!!

  34. 37 cosmocalista

    Scary!!! NOT beautiful…

  35. 38 shugraa

    i’d be scared to death if i saw her…. she looks creepy n not human

  36. scary!!!

  37. 40 Kady

    OMG soo scary and creepy .. why ??

  38. 41 Hessa_madridya

    thats creepy lol !!!

  39. 42 salma

    she is look scaree and dosent look like barbie

  40. 43 Jessie

    Cant believe people are actually saying she looks “pretty” WHAT?!? um NO she does not look pretty. She looks bloody scary especially in the last few pics. I feel disgusted. Ugh, why did I go through the pictures..Im gonna have nightmares now.

  41. 44 Shamma


  42. Barbie doesn’t have her belly button pierced…..

  43. 46 Rola

    Wow, she looks too perfect, she does not look human anymore!

  44. OH Lorddd, from the first pic I thought it was a real doll!! After I read your post I realized it was her, got me kinda scared to take another look on the pic again 😦 Yikes! Sorry – dont wanna be ya!! And her waist look so sickening thin.. Ok, thats not healthy!

  45. 48 me

    I actually think she is kind of pretty…but I also think we need to consider that she is well skilled with makeup and probably used a bit of photoshop in order to achieve her looks.

  46. 49 egg

    I tend to get off on creepy things so yeah, she looks good. Psychologically I’m curious whats going on inside her head.

  47. 50 sillyquestion

    how can she look good if she can not even smile with so much plastic inside her! oh! is she gonna look the same after 20 years? I wonder.. 😛

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