Weekend Fragrance | Glamorous Magnolia!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

No matter what your mood, you should ALWAYS smell delicious! Sometimes your fresh and delicious, other times your sultry and delicious, but no matter what, there should always be something alluring about the way you smell! A great new fragrance I just got that is an awesome day-to-night perfume is the Glamarous Magnolia from Flora by Gucci. It smells sooooo good! I love the way it smells light but still kind of heavy. It’s a really beautiful mixture of Magnolia, Peony, Musk, Citrus, and Mexican Chocolate. It also has a bit of a sandalwood in it, but to me the citrus and floral is what really comes out, along with that Gucci undertone that all their fragrances have. I love this because to me, it’s perfect for any occasion, and any season!


5 Responses to “Weekend Fragrance | Glamorous Magnolia!”

  1. 1 Amanie

    the bottle is so cuute 🙂 Huda can you tell me which part of your body do you put perfume on ?I always do it on my neck but it doesn’t stay some say you should spray it on your clothes others say on your wristle I am lost lol love ya ❤ 😉

  2. That is my faves out of the punch too! I been wanting to get it, but its so pricey. I have the original Flora by Gucci, that came out a few yrs ago – but I dont like it that much any more. I think these new ones smell fresher!!

  3. 3 Attia

    This is one of my favorite. ive tried and loved it

  4. im def going to try this one out i love the gucci flora range 🙂

  5. 5 hadeel

    mmm…i can’t buy more perfumes for now but the perfume’s ingredients are great!!! i will keep it in my mind…or maybe i will not wait and get it this weekend hehe

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