How I Get Super Glam! 3 Fool-Proof Steps to Look Your Best!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I honestly think I’ve mastered some of the absolute BEST ways to look great in a week or less! My party is less than a week a way and all I’ve been doing is planning, but of course I want to look glamorous on the big day! I’ve been doing three things that I swear are fool prof and they are the best for a beauty quick fix! Alya’s been doing them with me, and she’s literally been amazed with the results, she doubted me for some reason!

Gorgeous Glowing Skin!

Ok, so I think I take just as many pictures at these types of events as I did my wedding day, literally, my cheeks HURT for days after! Which means, my skin needs to be in place! The last thing I want is my skin looking blotchy in photos! The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Wipes are a God sent! They literally work magic! This will literally make your skin radiant, soft and soooooo smooth perfect for makeup! If you have a few days to prep before an event, use these day and night and you will seriously notice a difference! I’ve been using it with either the Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Serum, and I’ve noticed seriously great results.

Picture Perfect Smile

In case you thin I have that magically white Hollywood smile, let me tell you those things don’t exist without a little help! I don’t drink coffee, and I still have to bleach me teeth every once in a while! I personally loooooove the Crest Whitening strips! They are without doubt the best! Nothing works like them, and believe me, I’ve tried it all, from Zoom to at home kits, and they are the best! I love them because they let you customize how white you want your teeth, which is pretty fantastic! I use this with the White Ice for touch ups, and I swear the combination is perfect!

Detox Count Down

I’m SUCH a huge fan of detox and cleansing! I try to do it as often as possible! One of the best things I do before an important event is drink Cleansing Tea or Detox Tea. You can even make any tea you have a detox tea by adding ginger or lemon to it! I personally notice a difference in my skin, and I sleep better, which means less stress, and less under eye circles and bags!


22 Responses to “How I Get Super Glam! 3 Fool-Proof Steps to Look Your Best!”

  1. 1 virgini

    Dr.dennis peels are really a true thing a nd work magic.afterreading ur blog i went sensasia spa alpha beta treatment and the lady reccomened to use it.,its such and amzing product.i s ee a big difference,thank u huda

  2. 2 Anum

    oh my god hunny, what mascara are you wearing in your first picture? And on your lips? Love the natural look! xxx

  3. Hey U are gorgeous!!!Look like a Kim K.:) Love ya:*

  4. 4 Lara G.D.

    Hey huda, I love your blog!!!!!! I’ve heard amazing stuff about creast, do you get it online? Coz I can’t seem to find it in Dubai. As for the wipes, I would like to know where I can get them as well.

    Thanks loads!!

  5. 5 Ayesha

    Hala Huda, ” ma sha allah ” u look glam , love what u posted and hope I can get a feed back of where I can get the Dr Dennis Gross face wipes and the Crest whitening stripes ??? Can’t wait to try them all soooooooooon 🙂
    Kisses thanx again

  6. 6 Mary Monroe

    You’re going to look Beautiful in all photos no worriess 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pictures yayyy excited for you! Xo

  7. 7 JJ

    These are really great tips. Thanks Huda.

  8. 8 jessica

    hey huda im actually new to ur blog! i think ur extremly gorgeous!! do u take multivitamins for ur skin? because its completly flawless!! but ive heard multivitamins can cause u to break out too! and how do u remove facial hair? laser? or do u have nothing? plz reply

  9. Wow, Im going to try every product you just mention above – You got me hooked!! But Im sure you look amazing at any day without any help at all 🙂

  10. 10 Mais

    Will you please tell us where can we get the face wipes and the Crest Whitening strips from in UAE?

  11. i need those wipes 🙂

  12. 12 Lia J.

    Hi Huda, can you please go more in depth about the detox you mention? How often, for how long & do you introduce certain foods back gradually? Thanks!

  13. 13 123456

    hi my dear,
    thank you for all the tips, but I have a question
    What party are you going to have ?> are you gitting married?????????????????
    best wishes

  14. 14 Ada

    Using those Dr. Gross Extra Strength Pads and they are AHMASING!!! I use the pads not the wipes. I got mine from Sephora but I live in the States. They are definitely pricey. The pads are not for everyday use though but can be used a couple times a week. They are guuhreat for healing scars. I’ve used them on my face, dark armpits, and little scars on my back, worked wonders after couple treatments!!

  15. 15 BeautyGlam

    HI GORGEOUS! I got a hold of everything except the Dr. Gross Alpha beta peel. When I went to buy some I was confused because there was the wipes and pads…which do you recommend??

    Thank youuuu beautiful!

    • 16 Nala

      where did you get the Crest Whitening strips and the Wipes??

      • 17 BeautyGlam

        Hi hun! The Dr. Dennis products u can get at Sephora!! Or Nordstrom! As for the Crest whitestrips it depends, where do you live? Because you can get them online at!

        Hope this helps! Xx

  16. 18 Ale

    I’m in awe with ur makeup
    U look gorgeous in the 1st picture! Plz do
    a tutorial on this look. Thanks!!

  17. 19 Tammy

    I’ve always liked ur pearly whites.
    I live in th UAE where can I find creast strips???
    Plz girls if u have an idea do share with us
    Where can we get th good stuff.
    Luv and peace

  18. 20 Alia K

    I live in dubai and order the Crest strips online from ebay cuz I couldnt find them here! and I love it!!

  19. 21 Sarah

    where in dubai are these products available???

  20. 22 Jeni

    Hey Huda!!

    Love your blog and Youtube’s!!!
    I need to know where you picked up the ring in this pic I absolutely adore it!!!!

    Xo, be well Beauty!!

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