White House Hottness!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m really not one to get into politics, but the White House Correspondent Dinner is always one that I look forward to seeing! It’s always interesting to see who’s invited and yes, some people are actually paid to go, what’s new?! Nevertheless, the red carpet beauty and fashion of the event is definitely one to get your attention! I looooove so many of the looks, but I think my favorite has to do to Elle McPherson. I love her easy care-free hair and natural makeup, with her gorgeous dress! It works so well in so many ways! Which one is your favorite?!!

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12 Responses to “White House Hottness!”

  1. 1 Elvira Al-Bataineh

    Ivanka Trump, by all means!! She is so classy.

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    Honestly I wasn’t into any of the looks for the night.. but Ivanka deff looked gorg!

  3. 3 zah

    Kim k somewhat loooks Fat more than anything else to me, She beautiful love her look.
    But is Fat supose t b taken as sexy? Lol

  4. 4 Maca

    Kerry Washington does no wrong! She is my girl crush 🙂
    Aside from that Reese and Elle looked lovely 🙂

  5. 5 zuhra

    Lindsay Lohan’s “dress” is awfull!!!!

  6. 6 Saroosh

    irina shayk, kate hudson and ivanka trump look the best, lindsay looks better face wise but her dress is awful

  7. I love kate hadsons look and reese witherspoon tell me does she ever get older she looks soo pretty even being pregnant 🙂

  8. 8 hadeel

    i cn’t recall that Spanish actress name but i like her look the most.

    so Lindsay lohan is really broke!!! you can tell from her awful dress which was tailored by a blind person…it was better if she missed the plan!!! i used to like her very much but her messy life get her fans to unlike her.

  9. 9 suman

    kim luks a lil young than usual in the pic where she iz sat with her mum on the table… and kris jenner “wot the hell hav u dne 2 ur hair??” :s

  10. 10 suman

    kim wud have luked soo much prettier if she had not had overdone her plastic surgery. we all know that kim kardashian has done plastic surgery 4 times!! 😮 2day at the age of 30 she wud not hav luked so old as she dus 2day.

  11. 11 Diana j

    Well I guess thaty choice has to be George colony all the way!!! Simply georgous 🙂

    • 12 Diana j

      * that my
      * cloney

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