Kim Gets the Waist of a 10-Year Old


By Huda Heidi Kattan

We all know Kim Kardashian hast an insanely tiny waist–that’s one thing she loves to show off (well, one of maaanny things). I kept seeing articles about her getting photo shopped, but really what’s new? She loves photo shop as much as I love makeup, so I didn’t really pay any mind to it. After I finally saw the photos, I was pretty shocked with how tiny they made her waist. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little photo shop here and there, I admire celebrities who try not to use it, but when I see unrealistic images, it kind of gets to me! What do you guys think? Does this look natural or digitally ‘enhanced’?


19 Responses to “Kim Gets the Waist of a 10-Year Old”

  1. 1 Sobia

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is photoshopped, but its pretty darn close to how kim’s body is.. know what i mean?! Shes weirdly curvy :s.

  2. definetly photoshopped its too tiny nothing like when you watch her on TV, it annoys me that they have to photoshop when so many young girls out there try to look like these stars but the stars themselves dont all look like that.

  3. 3 Mais

    Just look at her photos in your post “White House Hottness” you will Immediately know that the one here is very much photoshopped!
    in the white house ones her waist looks normal (in fact she looks a bit fat even, dunno if it’s the dress or what)!

  4. 4 hadeel

    you just posted pictures for her in the green dress (white house dinner) and she looks nothing like the above picture!!!

  5. 5 bee

    She has such a weird pillowface going on here…..too many fillers….she looks like octomom!! That’s more concerning than her waist; that’s just photoshop, the face is how it really is though! She was a pretty girl before but she’s done too much too soon to her face :/

  6. 6 shoshtee

    I saw her in real, maybe she have the best figure ever, maybe she have the waist, but she is ain’t thin, she have fat ass that u would think that what ever she eat obsurved there.

  7. 7 Ada

    Can we not only talk about her waist (which is sooo enhanced it makes my eyes bleed) but her entire self?? She’s photoshopped to the max! Yeesh! Makes her look awful, plastic, and just ridic. But they always do that to the Kardashes

  8. 8 Sahar

    Way too much photoshop but nothing beats Demi Moore or Megan Fox ads. Those ads make Kim look natural. Megan looks like an alien and Demi doesn’t look like herself at all.

  9. 9 Marwa

    Thanks to Photoshop 🙂

  10. 10 Tammy

    Shes curvey sure. And thats cool its natural and i find it very femenin. But thats too much!!

  11. 11 Michelle

    Her waist is definitely not that tiny.

  12. So graceful! such as the type of women I admire

  13. OMG did not see this photo actually Im kind of surprised! I really love this girl she is an inspiration to me but like u said helloooo! this is so not realistic…

  14. 14 Mary Monroe

    Although her waist is small it’s deff not thiss small … Honestly I’m so over the Kardashians. Everything about them is fake, I’m sure if I had the hair extensions and makeup they did I could look as good as they do all day. Underneath all of what they put on they are no better than all of us. Beauty comes from within and these girls rely on makeup and looking glam all the time to define who they are.. Media attention seeking individuals who are actually smart for creating the billion dollar industry from their name, but it leaves me wondering what do they offer us, nothing. Having a number one show on E of course E News is going to be controlled by the Kardashians just to keep them relevant. It bothers me to know that they stay relevant for no reason at all.

    I’ve always admired the way Kim K. has her makeup done, and who’s to disagree that she has one of the best makeup artist in Hollywood.

    Before I would check Kim K’s blog always I was so obsessed, rarely do I ever..

    I do know is my daily go to website 🙂 Love you HUDA<333!

  15. 15 Chrissy

    I think we all know Kim has a curvy body, but this is too photo shopped. She has a beautiful body w\out all that and plus it gives an unrealistic message.

  16. 16 Alya M.

    I’ve always loved Kim’s style and glamour…but girl, you just look downright bizarre in this pic :s

  17. kfik

  18. 18 sandy

    fake fake

  19. Hey I love Kim’s style and fashion sense but i hate when she die to look perfect in any cost, please Kim be realistic as people love real things in long run 😉 still i admire you just try to be normal…..dont photoshop, keep that for your old age 😉

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