VIDEO | Bloggers Day with Kerastase


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves! So there is soooooo much craziness going on before tomorrows relaunch  party! It’s like serious madness in my apartment right now! But in the midst of it all, I am soooo excited to meet everyone tomorrow, that I actually feel some sense of ease! As I told you guys before, the goody bag is pretty awesome, in my opinion, AMAZING 🙂 One of the incredible products is actually the Elixir Ultime from Kerastase, so I thought what better time to show this video than now! I had such amazing day, and my hair never looked better! You can check out the pics here! But for now, I hope you guys enjoy the video, it’s very chill and relaxing! I have one that actually shows us goofing off, which I’ll post later! 🙂 Love you guys!!! Xxx


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Bloggers Day with Kerastase”

  1. 1 Sindy

    I use kerastase the best of the best,specially the repairing line,goo luck, on u event beautiful chica.

  2. Hey ! Love your blog & videos, you always have great tips for us so thx ! Im from Paris and I love Kerastase, especially the Elixir oil. My hair is so dry and it helped so much for that.

  3. 3 hadeel

    you are such a lucky girl… i really enjoyed the viedeo i love it when you are the first one to interoduce us to a great beauty products, and the best of luck with ur relunch party enjoy 🙂

  4. Enjoy your party!!

  5. 5 Ayesha

    I really loved the video and also found some new blogs to follow:) I could so use a day of pampering like this:)

  6. 6 Mehnaz

    Love the product! Miss Dubai! Thanks for sharing!

  7. 7 Mary Monroe

    so realxinggg I felt good just watching the video I can only imagine what this product is like! Would love to try it

  8. 8 suman

    I LOVE U HUDAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 suman

    it lukd soo relaxin 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. 10 Kristi G.

    A while ago you posted about a Kerastase product that took care of your split ends, is this what you were talking about?

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