The New Blog Design…A Sneak Peek!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

OMG! today’s event was really awesome and I want to thank everyone involved and everyone who came out! I will be posting more on the wonderful people who brought everything together and of course the photos, I got a MILLION questions on my dress, which I will post! BUT before I sleep, I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of my new blog! It’s only the home page, but the rest will come very soon! I want to make sure it’s perfect before we launch, so the new design will take a couple weeks to completely launch! I hope you guys love it!! A HUGE thanks to Sali Elamin who designed the site and dealt with me asking random questions at seriously odd hours!

I shared the one page with everyone at the party, so I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!! What do you guys think of the home page?


26 Responses to “The New Blog Design…A Sneak Peek!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    Wow your picture is GORGEOUS !! omg I’m already in lovee your blog relaunch is a huge deal.. Ahhh I can tell it’s going to be amazingg beyond excited yayy!! So glad to here your party was a success, Can’t wait to see all the fabulousness :-)!!

  2. 2 sidrah

    love it! can’t wait to see the rest. best of luck with everything! x

  3. 3 Camila

    I love it because it has a gorgeous strong amazing woman on the front!!! Can’t wait to see it!!! 😀
    Love u Huda, you’re the best!!!

  4. excited to see the new blog!

  5. 5 Sakia

    Looks sooo awesome huda!!!

  6. 6 Maha

    Amazing event ! wish you all the best ❤ True inspiration u r :*

  7. 7 Lia J.

    WOW! Huda what a great picture, cannot wait to check it out when it’s ready. So happy that your event was a success 🙂 yay!

  8. 8 Richa

    congrats my girl!!!!

  9. 9 MakeUpNaive

    Yeay this is the picture i voted, happy you chose this one! The other two were also amazing bimut this one brings the house down! Cant wait to see the pics, i was waiting last night for any instagram update lol..congratd Huda hope i will see you when/if i come in Dubai!

  10. 10 PrincessS

    Aaahhhhmaazing!!!! Can’t wait t

  11. 11 PrincessS

    Aahhhmazimg! Can’t waitt for it , great work hudi ❤ xoxo

  12. 12 BeautyGlam

    HUGE congrats gorgeous!!!!! Can NOT wait! This is too exciting!! Can’t wait to hear all about the event and see pics!!! Xxxx

  13. 13 Afshan

    Huda..u r just amazing…u have got a charismatic personality with a blend of everything…all the best for your new blog….luv uu….mmuuaaahhhh

  14. 14 crystal

    Sooo stinkin gorrrrgs!!! :-] … i looove it!!

  15. looking forward to seeing the photos from your relaunch party and the sneak peak was really good congrats! 🙂

  16. 16 hadeel

    Work of a PRO 🙂

  17. 17 Tammy

    Love your photo. Which you all the best.
    Can’t wait to see the rest.
    Luv and peace. 

  18. One word: WOW .. Mashalla .. All the best Huda

  19. 19 H from iraq

    Congrats !u r the best

  20. hallo ❤

  21. hi …

  22. 🙂

  23. hudaa 😉

  24. 24 hushus


  25. Gorge!!!!!

  26. 26 salma

    Love it (Y)

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