WINNERS!! Contest Time!! Rouge D’Armani Giveaway!


By Huda Heidi Kattan


Hi my loves!! So it’s time to announce the winners!! I wanted to do a lot of contest on line because I felt really sad that not everyone could come to my party since people are all over the world, so I was hoping to create a online party of some sort:) I will have a few more contest very soon, but for now, the winners are..


Comment #1 noura
Comment #64 saucyfbaby
Comment #140 Suroor



Sooooo, time for another giveaway! This one is seriously awesome from Armani cosmetics!! Five winners will win Three Rouge D’Armani Lipsticks! I have to tell you guys why these lipsticks are so amazing! I just started using them recently, but they have to be the absolute most hydrating lipsticks I have ever used! Even after you take it off, your lips feel soooo soft! I also love the pigment and color selections! So I am sooo excited for this giveaway!

To win, all you have to do is:

Comment below saying why you love Armani cosmetics so much or what product you have been dying to try!

Or you can tweet: “I love @hudabeauty and @Armani Cosmetics! Can’t wait for the #HudaBeautyBash!

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175 Responses to “WINNERS!! Contest Time!! Rouge D’Armani Giveaway!”

  1. 1 noura

    I lovee giorgio armanii cosmetics .. Since u blogged about their tinted mosturizer I went and got and LOOOOOVED ittt soo smooth and feeels soo amazing !! I would love to try the lipsticks the colors loook amazingg !!!

    Love u hudaa ❤

  2. 2 Khadija

    To be honest i have not tried anything from armani cosmetics… These lipsticks will be a very good reason to begin with….colors look fantastic

  3. 3 Huma Gull

    I love the texture and pigment of Armani lipsticks. Its so hydrating and never dries my lips. My most favourite color is light pink and bright orange red. Not only Armani dresses, their perfumes r my fav too. Muwwaaahhh

  4. 4 zeinab

    I LOVE Armani because it is such a classy and high-end Brand! There products are just to dye for! I have been using the face fabric foundation and their mascaras for quiet sometimes now and I never regretted my purchases from this particular brand. The finish is just unbelieveble!

  5. I have been wanting to try Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipbutters in Peach Parfait.

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    Like Huda Beauty on Facebook as Lisa Brown, and follow @hudabeauty on Twitter as lulu_brown24.

    email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com
    Thank you!

  6. 6 Loubna1

    I really love armani products because they are high quality products, I love especially armani’s foundation, so great to use.
    I wanna try every eyeshadow!!!
    Twitter Lou B

  7. I have always wanted to try their foundation and mascara… Y I loved armani prouducts! Cos I heared how amazin they r from you xoxo

  8. 8 maryam

    I got familiar with Armani products in the saks event with you dear Huda, and i loved them all, got the lip gloss, and the designer lift foundation and loving them to death specially my lip gloss. its to die for….
    so the lipsticks must be great as well…

  9. I really love Armani products and i really like their perfumes idole and acqua i have been using their foundation for a long time it`s amazing !!

  10. 10 hafsah

    Omg I love Armani products not that I own much but yeah.. I have the fluid sheer which is great and huda if you don’t hve that I totally recommend it as it is perfect for all skin types

  11. 11 Melisa P

    I love the giorgio armani luminous silk foundation! I simply cannot live without it, i am about 2 shades darker than you and i rarely find foundations that match my skin. But witht he luminous silk i found a perfect match and i couldnt be happier, and it does not make my skin look cakey or gray by the end of the day! These lipsticks look awesome and it would be great to win it!

  12. 12 rmrmrm8387

    ohhhhhhhh god i want them……huda u r the best in everything…love u sooo much …. great giveaway

  13. 13 Amy

    This would make the perfect addition to my make up bag! I LOVE the range of colours available in the Rouge D’Armani Lipsticks, they would compliment my complexion and skin tone really well and be suitable for any occasion allowing me to create any look I want from a natural day time look to a glamourous, über chic and dramatic effect. It is a truly versatile product and will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look I am going for. I have tried some Armani make up products before including the HydraGlow Foundation which I used to be obsessed with but it got discontinued 😦 I’m a huge fan of Armani make up as all of their products that I have tried so far, are exqsuisite and the the texture is phenomenal; whenever I wear make up from Armani, in general, I always get compliments so I cannot wait to get my hands on these Rouge D’Armani Lipsticks! 🙂 *fingers crossed* 

  14. 14 Summar Salim

    I’ve been dying to try Armani Eyes to Kill mascara (pun intended) ever since I’ve heard rave reviews from my favorite beauty gurus. A girl can never have too much lipstick though!!

  15. 15 jojosbeautyguide

    I have never tried Armani products, but hopefully this would be my first. good Luck to all!!!

  16. OMG how exciting… i want this soo bad! been wanting to try the foundation forever, but these look amazing!

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  17. 17 Mary Monroe

    Hydrating lipsticks are always a plus so I’m dying to try this product out! I love Armani foundation, it leaves your face so smooth even after you take it off :-)!

  18. i have bad dark cicles that’s why i want to try Armani master corrector

  19. 19 crystal

    I honestly have not tried their products . Ive only heard of them from you. But i would love to win these because ive seen some nice colors on you .. and i think i can step out of the lip gloss zone into these fab. Color lipsticks.. .. goodluck to everyone 🙂

  20. I would be curious to try these… see what’s in them and how they work!

  21. 21 n9na

    I love the giorgio armanis luminous silk foundation !! its the best foundation thats ever happened to me. this is a great giveaway and id love to add these colorful lipsticks to my collectionn !!

  22. i tweeted!!/MeandBells/status/194891507038294016

    fb fan courtney bella
    twitter follower @meandbells

    you are gorgeous! thanks for the chance!!

  23. 23 Lina

    I Loveeeeee Armaniiiiiiiii sooo muchhh

  24. Ive never tried a Armani cosmetic but sure
    Would love to! 😉

  25. I love armani cosmetics for their chic and gorgeous color combinations in their limited edition palettes! The eyeshadows are so soft, and their foundations are to die for.

  26. 26 angelfire2010

    Well, the Armani lip gloss is just divine!

  27. I loved the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric you recommended as it did wonders! My face seriously feels so soft!

  28. 28 angelfire2010

    The Armani lip gloss is just devine!

  29. 29 ML2222

    I loooove the armani eyes to kill mascara…its amazing!!! I am dying to try their eye shadows and LIPSTICKS! 🙂

  30. I love armani lipsticks!! They are the best for me! The colors look amazing!

  31. I love armani cosmetics because they make me feel classy, sophisticated with a touch of sexy!!! I love their lipsticks, because of the hydrating balm! I live in Las Vegas, where it is so dry and my lips are always chapped this would be the perfect lipstick to keep me hydrated and give my lips some sexylicious color!

  32. 32 Nouf

    Never really tried Armani cosmetics but I do LOOOVEE my Acqua Di Gioia!
    Facebook- Nouf Rashed

  33. 33 khadija

    i have never tried any product, but i have always heard from u good things abt them , so i would really love to try their products, bcoz i trust ur choice ;)!!!!

  34. 34 suman

    fitt colours 😉

  35. 35 Sarah

    i am dying to try armani anything really since we don’t havr this brand in egypt……plus i am a big lipstick addict 😀

  36. 36 Amna

    I love the eyes to kill excess mascara its perfect for everyday wear! I’d love to try their #400 lipstick, it looks so alluring.

  37. 37 Sofi

    Honestly, I love them simply because of my simplicity. I’m used to being very simplistic and not overdoing it with makeup. I love all kinds of makeup but my skin and body doesn’t love most lines of makeup back. I don’t own any Armani lipstick yet but when I did try it, it was surprisingly hydrating! If there is any problem I have with lipstick, or any lip products in general, it’s my lips getting uncomfortable and dry. I always wear lipstick but like a child, I clean it off within an hour or two because I get so annoyed! Armani promises quality and I can’t say they’ve broken any promises.
    An Armani fan (A bigger fan of HB though!)

  38. 38 Cindy

    I must admit I wasn’t really into lipstick, but recently I’ve been trying to change up my look! I love these Rouge D’Armani’s!!!! I MUST have them!!! I’ve used a few different kinds just from the drugstores to see how it looks and i actually am starting to fall for the trend, but these colors are so vibrant and need to be in my MAKE-UP box. I would really LOVE to try them! ❤ I'm in love with all the colors great job Armani!!!

  39. 39 Maribel Melena

    I have always wanted to try new makeup especially those with such great reviews. Unfortunately, some of these are way out of my price range, makeup changes a persons self esteem to the degree that it is therapeutic and this would be the perfect item to allow me to continue providing that self esteem booster we all deserve.

  40. 40 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    What’s NOT to love about Armani Cosmetics? They exude and connote glamour and beauty and I most definitely want products that’ll leave me glamourous and beautiful!

  41. Huda habibtiiiiii! This is Dunia (@DeenOverDunia) even though my Twitter is deactivated again, not sure if I can still enter but I’ll tell you why I love Armani cosmetics anyways. 🙂 Pretty much I feel like royalty when I wear anything from their line. It’s just so luxurious and chic that you can’t help but feel like a princess wearing Armani cosmetics. I’ve been dying to try the concealer that you’ve mentioned for my under eyes! InshAllah I’ll finally invest. 🙂 Also, their fragrances are some of my favorite of all time! Muahhhhhhhhh to you, Mona and Alya. Love you guys so much! xoxoxox

  42. 42 Sakia

    I have never tried gorgio armani products,but I heard their foundation is fantastic I would like to try that

  43. Armani is a upscale household name in my family since the late ’80’s. The name reminds me of my mother dressed in chic, luxurious streamlined fabrics with a definite sophisticated appeal that transcends fashion. So one can only image when Armani released their cosmetic line on the 25th Anniversary in 2000. Ecstatic was the word. I would love to try the Rouge d’Armani lip color line especially with the promised qualities of comfort, luminosity and color intensity to add a pop of vibrancy in one’s life. Armani is a name that holds up to it’s brand and it’s test of time is a testament of that.

  44. haven’t tried any Armani makeup! but these lipsticks look and sound amazing!!

    got my invite to the bash! CAN NOT WAIT!

    ‘s’ is for sadia

  45. 45 Tala

    I LOVE GA products, especially the lipsticks above. Their colors are GORG (light pink especially) .

  46. 46 Nu Nu

    i absolutely LOVE their EYES TO KILL mascara! it has an over powering smell…. but its such a royal; scent! i just love it! it doesnt only do what it says… it never leaves my lashes clumpy dried or stiff. easy to apply..long lasting…and easy to being a mascara gal..what else could i ask for ❤ i would really like to try their fabric foundation, lipsticks and their eye shadows.

  47. 47 Madness

    i love armaan cosmetics…im dying to try out their eyeliner and eyeshadows since that is my current obsession!

  48. 48 Rawan Arnous

    I absulotly LOVE Armani because simply they are amazing and they make feel like a million dollar :-).

  49. Of course!! Because you say that this products so amazing! So why I don’t want to try it lol

  50. 50 Anna saab

    There r so many Armani products I luv I don’t know where to start lol…. The eyes to kill mascara is amazing, their foundation and primer, and even their skincare, it’s all amazing, I wish I could have it all, but it’s so expensive 😦 !!! I would luv to try the lipsticks!!!

  51. 51 Jerrica L

    I’d love to try their mascara!

  52. Huda, cool giveaway!!! I love Giorgio Armani products because of their amazing quality (which is a given) and their sleek packaging. I adore the eyes to kill mascara. It gives serious volume. I’ve been wanting to try the eyes to kill intense eyeshadow for the longest time, the madre perla shade from their bronze 2012 collection to be more specific. Back to the giveaway, these lipsticks look fantabulous! Hope I get the chance to try them, or better yet, win them 🙂

  53. 53 kay

    Omg I have been dying to try Armani cosmetics for the longest time now. I have read such amazing things about them especially their lipsticks and foundation. I would love to win this giveaway as buying them is a little out of my makeup budget!!! 😀

  54. 54 mandy529

    I have never tried Armani cosmetics before but a couple of my friends have used them and they love them. I know Armani is a high quality brand so their cosmetics must be as well. The colors look gorgeous!

  55. 55 mandy529

    I have never tried Armani cosmetics but a few of my friends use them and they love them. The colors are gorgeous!

  56. I have never tired Armani Cosmetics (because of the price!!!) but I have been wanting to try these. I love the colors and I find that they are flattering to all

  57. 57 Joy

    I never tried any of Armani cosmetics, but i know they are beauties. specially their foundations lots people saying they are so amazing. i just haven’t gotten any chance to put my hands on. I’d love to try the lipsticks if i could win this contest. they look gorgeous!

  58. 58 Sarah

    The lipsticks have such beautiful, rich colors, and I am dying to try them all!! The right colors can really light up your smile! Here’s hoping 😉

  59. 59 Carissa King

    I don’t own any Armani products, but I love these colors and would love to give them a try!

  60. 60 Dalal

    I’ve tried Armani’s mascara and have stopped using it since, I’m in love with it! After reading your review on the lipstick I’m dying to try it because I’ve never experienced hydration with lipstick!!! The lipstick sounds great and I would love to win and try it!!! 🙂

  61. 61 Umaira

    Omg! These giveaways just keep getting better and better don’t they!!! (Thank YOU for that Huda) 🙂

    I fell in love with the armani products after I was introduced to them at the SAKS event and you even told me how to use their lipsticks as blush too!
    Armani cosmetics definitely suit my skin which is very rare! I find it tough to find a brand that is just about right!

    Many Thanks xx

  62. I LOVE armani cosmetics! After you first suggested, I went and bought the second skin foundation, and I also use the blushing fabric and eyes to kill silk eyeshadows; love all of the products I’ve tried! I really wanna try the lipsticks and concealer 🙂

  63. 63 Lina

    Everything from Armani amazing they are creative in every single detail it’s not surprise if the lipstick as you say has effect it will be because it’s from Armani simply I love Armani.

  64. 64 saucyfbaby

    ——————— I’ve never tried Armani cosmetics before, but I’d definitely love to try these lippies!

    ——————— Now a FB fan under: Nicole Ordonez

    ——————— Now a Twitter follower under: saucyfbaby

    Thank you so much for the chance!

    — Nicole O.

  65. 65 shugraa

    i ve never tried armani products n hav been dying to try d foundation after yr review but would start of with the lipstick. 🙂

  66. 66 Maija

    My hands down favorite product from Giorgio Armani cosmetics is lip wax #5 – stays on lips for hours and looks soooo nice

    I would like to try infamous Rouge d’Armani lipstick #400, as well some pink Rouge d’Armani Sheer lipstick for summer.

  67. 67 Eman

    I love Giorgio Armani cosmetics! And would love to try their Rouge D’Armani Lipsticks!

  68. i have been wanting to buy Armani since the time i saw one of my best friends using their limited edition blush pack. Their lipsticks look equally promising. I really hope i get to win this competition and get to try their new range 🙂

  69. 69 mahi

    Well Well I ❤ GA cosmetics I because of their texture it's so accurate, it's very buildable, and actually does what it says it does, rather than making your trouble areas look like a cakeeeyy and muddy mess esp in case of foundations, I personally have used Armani's Corrector Concealer my couzin have brought from States, I love it, it's so great, so useful, and so effective that I would love to own more, one more cosmetic product of Armani I love is Face Fabric Foundation, I dint use it but have always seen remarkable results, my friend is obsessed with it and I admire the skin nude make up touch and translucent velvety touch it gives to skin so fall in love with it completely.

  70. 70 mahi

    I also wanna know which place GA cosmetics are readily available huddie since I haven’t found it anywhere cheaper unfortunately which is annoying because it keeps going up in prices, but I heard saks stocks?? if so I will grab one from there hopefully but I believe GA products run out waaay yoo quickly for the price! can you give me some rectifications on their application also ??? possible to keep a seaparate tutorial for GA products way of application.. so we can learn also <3<3

  71. 71 Suzan Sari

    Im a total makeup junkie, but I haven’t really had the chance to experiment with armani products 😦 Would absolutely love love love to try a new product out and what better then my favorite lipstick!

  72. 72 Sian Cook

    I’ve been dying to try their eyes to kill creme eyeshadows! have heard so many good things about it!

  73. 73 dori

    I’m finishing off my existing primer in rapid proportions so I can lay my hands on the Armani primer! :). Heard great things about it, and if it can make my skin silkier and more ‘nuzzable’, I’m racing to the beauty counter!

  74. love Armani products ! they are typically amazing !! i am really into trying their Foundation and eye-cream. i wear their perfumes all the time and people on the road ask me what it is!!

    the lipstick will be a perfect match!!!

    typically i have VERY sensitive skin (if you give them a bad look, i might get red spots .. THAT sensitive)…. so i can’t use just any product, it has to be well tested, well tried and very professional and obviously expensive!! Armani does it all! i’m relieved and refreshed thanks to Armani!! and, of course, Huda keeps me updated 🙂

  75. 75 melody

    i would love to try the eyes to kill stretch looks absolutely gorgeous and gives your eyelashes just that extra voluminising length we girls die for.I am a proud owner of the emporio armani diamonds fragrance and believe it is a must have.I love how it smells and i received numerous compliments on wearing it:)

  76. 76 Jasmine Cortez

    To be honest I have not tried any Armani cosmetics but this would he am amazing way to start, plus the color selection does look fabulous and it can easily be used all year round! Love you Huda!!!

  77. 77 Iffath

    Alright so, Armani launched a new cosmetics line?! sounds amazing!!! despite the fact that the lipsticks look absolutely amazingly gorgeous, I know and love armani’s quality and only expect the best from them! I also love the fact that the lipstick has staying power as well as a glossy look to it, which is so versatile, not many lipsticks can do that successfully. I’d love to try them out!

    Iffath Hussain – fb and @iffathh on twitter : liked, followed, and tweeted!

  78. Done All

    FB: Dark Flash

    twiiter: 3ishajb

  79. 79 Princess S.

    I have never tried any Armani cosmetics as it is expensive and doesn’t meet my budget 😦 boo sucks being a student 😦 I love your blog and I really do wish I can afford to buy everything you make a review about ! It did be amazing to win this & tell all my friends and family about it plus my co workers ! Love you Huda, your biggest fan from bc,canada ❤ xoxo

  80. I love Armani cosmetics, i am dying to try Armani concealer the one you spoked about in your previous tutoria.

  81. 81 sadiamarium

    u r absolutely right about softness and moistness this lipstick gives … so its a musttt try for everyone…

  82. 82 sadiamarium

    Armani is Synonym to Un-compromising QUALITY … Though i dont possess many of their products yet but the product i m absolutely in love with is
    lasting silk uv foundation… its super duper amazing .. and suits my skin very well … and these lipsticks are looking soooo gorgeous… let see who is the lucky one to indulge in them 🙂

    best of luck everyone ❤

  83. 83 Kanika

    Ohhhhh… Love d ARMANI products… No doubt
    Bt seriously would love to try these gorgeous shades:)))
    For me armani is really pleasure to have:))
    All smiles for armani….

    • 84 Kanika

      I jst adore armani mascara.. Dat is jst works wowwweee for my eyes..
      Super gorgeous nd love d curls it makes…
      Armani cosmetics– luxurious … I remember whn i bought my 1st gorgeous lip colour last yr only because u mentioned it on ur blog..
      It was my first investment as i really appreciate u nd follow ur blog Religiously– i mst say….:))))))) all smiles nd love to huda beauty

  84. 85 Sabrina

    Hi Huda! I absolutely love reading your blog. It’s part of my daily routine. You’re an inspiration! I’d really like to win these lipsticks because I LOVE lipsticks! These must be apart of my ever growing collection! I also have very very dry and chapped lips and since these are ultra hydrating, I must have them in my stash! I really hope I win these.

  85. 86 Gabriella

    OMG i looooove armani cosmetics they are Even better than the stuft from chanel i think. however i have one of their fundations and its totally insane how awesome ( like super and like glowing from the inside) my Skin looks with this in real Life and in Fotos. Never seen anything like this before.. But since i’ve Never came across to try the armani lipsticks i would looove to Win 🙂 i bet their’re as fab as the other armani stuff…
    XOXO from europe

  86. 87 sneha

    never owned a single piece of armani 😦 but i would love to own not one not two but THREE pairs of lipsticks *dies* it would do my dear heart some good to own this lippy gold. i hope i win 🙂 good job btw on the HB things that u do, ive left my derma meds n now em hooked on HB :d

  87. 88 Ada

    I love Armani products because they are great quality!! I am a graduate from uni so although I cannot afford higher end makeup I appreciate it so much! My mum had Armani lipstick and many other higher end brands. Loooved playing around with them!! Or still do 😉

  88. 89 sana allana

    Hi huda…I hav been lookn at Armani’s products afta ur recommendationz…I wanna try ther luminous silk .foundation..n tinted moisturizer..din get chnc buy any of thes yet..n ya again thanks fr d super. Temptin giveawayz

    Following u..on fb n twitter..:)

  89. 90 Sophia

    I have never tried Armani makeup before but I would love to! Not just because of the name but because of the rave reviews their products get (some from you)

  90. 91 maha

    I love their foundation ! I’m not a foundation person because when I use to try it before it feels so heavy and I was never comfortable putting it on my skin ! Now when I need it I use armanis foundation and it feels soooooo goooooood! It so smooth ❤ I would love to have these lipsticks ! I've started putting lipstick recently , I always use to feel that they don't look good on me :$ but after ur video on the pink lipstick/gloss , I've been obsessed, I even put it when I head to the gym :p ! Would looooove to have them .. If I wasn't lucky , I hope I get lucky and get invited for ur bash ! Its amaziiiing & I'd love to be there :* God Bless

  91. 92 Jake Sauvage

    Oh my god, I use their face fabric pretty much every day…and I would LOVE to try a few of their lipsticks!

  92. 93 Shehneela

    hey huda! i love love loooooove armani’s luminous silk foundation. its the best! it just looks so good but i so wish i could purchase it because its too expensive for my budget! i got to try it luckily because one of my friend who is into high end brands just told me about it so i was very curious how it will actually look like. o.m.g! it gave an instant glow n radiance, it hid all the acne scars n marks but not too cakey! perfect! huda u must try it if u havent! i would be soo happy if i win! i could proudly tell my friend tht i own armani lipstick..omg! she will be so freakin jealous! lolz! n also i love yr site always refer to ur homemade remedies..i love it! thanks alot! tc

  93. 94 dony

    I have never tried Armani products, but hopefully this would be my first. good Luck to all!!!
    on fb: flower bomb

  94. 95 huda shaalan

    hey hudaa ,i would love to win these lipsticks becasue their abspolutely gorgeous 🙂 i havent been able to have access to them here but have only tried the lipgloss which was given to me from cousins in the middle east:) please please please huda let me be one 5 winners i beggggg you . i would love to experience thesse lipstick and be able to tell all my friends about them 🙂

  95. I am dying to try eye to kill mascara everyone seems to adore it thnx Huda ❤

  96. 97 Mani

    I TOTALLY lovvvveeee armani cosmetics!! Infact I own many of their blush’s and I love the color and how pigmented they are!! What’s funny is that I actually saw these lipsticks on their website and I thought to myself I should go try them out and now you’re giving them away!! So honestly the new lipsticks by armani cosmetics are what I want to try!! they look so hydrating and I love the bold colors because I like experimenting with bold lipstick colors 🙂

  97. 98 Dana Has

    Armani cosmetics come in a really high quality..I love all of Armani product’s because they have a huge amount of cosmetics such as their lip colors.. and specially the new lip colors which are so summery!
    Hope to win xo

  98. 99 MakeUpNaive

    I have never tried armani products before, really cant afford such luxury! But i heard great reviews about them, they are all the rave everywhere. Wish i can win this time, really dying to try one out & this hudrating lippies would be a perfect introduction! Thanks huda. BTW, love the tip on facial massage and strengjtening the jaw, i cant believe something that easy is sooo effective. Thank you!

  99. 100 seyra

    I’ve always wanted to try their luminous silky foundation it looks so good. I have a strange complexion and after reading reviews and seeing you use it, I think that will be great for me. Also I love these lipsticks, I’ve been searching for the perfect plum/purple lipstick and I think I’ve found it. I wish I can win them!!

  100. Thank you Huda for another amazing giveaway. I love lipsticks and I adore Giorgio Armani beauty products, especially the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, which I recently bought and am very impressed with it. The products I have been dying to try are the Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes to Kill’ Intense Silk Eye shadows, the colors are so amazing, and the Rouge D’Armani lipsticks, I love the variety of shades that are beautiful — subtle and unique. It would be awesome to win theses gorgeous lipsticks.

  101. 102 Nu Nu

    i absolutely LOVE their EYES TO KILL mascara! it has an over powering smell…. but its such a royal; scent! i just love it! it doesnt only do what it says… it never leaves my lashes clumpy dried or stiff. easy to apply..long lasting…and easy to being a mascara gal..what else could i ask for ❤ i would really like to try their fabric foundation, lipsticks and their eye shadows.

  102. 103 Maria

    I absolutely LOVE Armani Cosmetics! I’ve been obsessed with this brand ever since I tried the Armani Silk Foundation. It looks gorgeous in person, in pictures, stays all day and gives a natural glow. It was everything I ever wanted in a foundation and even more. I would never try anything else.
    Also I’ve been dying to try their concealer. I heard many great things about it! I would love to try more of their other products!

  103. 104 Erica P.

    I haven’t tried any Armani cosmetic products yet and because I’m such a makeup junkie I’m willing to try all of them!! Please choose me! This prize is amazing! Thank you! xo

  104. 105 Mahi

    I looooooove armani products, all there mascaras are amazing as well as the luminous silk foundation is it amazing. I would really love to try some more, I haven’t tried any of the lipsticks actually so that would be amazing 🙂 thanks huda!!

  105. 106 Tania Postolovski

    Wow! I have never tried anything from Armani and just from the look and what you say about them I’m dying to try these!! They look like such stunning glossy colours, swoon!

    I also tweeted this (!/missdelarocha/status/195312351535304705)

  106. 107 AllthewaytheLipstickGal

    I want them!!! I’v never tried armani yet…but from what I’v heard from u and the reviews, they sound amazing. Would totally LOVE to win these gorgeous lippies!

    thanks for these great giveaways huda =)

    • 108 AllthewaytheLipstickGal

      I’v tweeted at:!/makeupbxmednerd

  107. 109 Kady

    OMG I love the color I enter this contest becuase I love to try them
    If I have time I have to go and check them by myself

    tweeted ^_^

  108. 110 Nu Nu

    i love their eyes to kill mascara! and am hoping to try the fabric foundation soon ❤

  109. 111 salma

    I wanna all of them 😥

  110. I love experimenting with my looks and always turn to you to advice. However there is one thing I always stay away from and that is lipsticks. Whenever I apply lipsticks, my lips become super dry and I get chapped lips. I am hoping to try Armani Hydrating lipsticks to help me solve my problem.

  111. I have not tried anything from armani cosmetics yet! but I love these lipsticks!!! thank you soo much hun!

  112. All my life I believe in simplicity with just applying lipstick and kajal on my eyes but thanks to your posts I have learnt that makeup can transform your personality completely. Although I have never tried Armani lipsticks, I’d love to add them to my collection since its ‘Huda certified’ 🙂

  113. 115 SarahK

    I have always been a huge fan of Armani make up especially because of their gorgeous silky foundations. I love the Armani face fabric for everyday wear and have been dying to try the lipsticks!!!

  114. 116 Alina Khan

    I have tried Armani’s red lipstick when it first came out and I have been in love with the line ever since! I am still waiting to try their mascara 🙂

  115. 117 michelle khan

    I absolutely love Armani’s mascara and designer lift foundation. I would LOVE to own their lipsticks too!!!

  116. 118 Attia

    I wanna try eyes to kill creme eyeshadows! have heard so many good things about it!

  117. 119 Alizeh Ali

    I’ve always wanted to try Armani make up but never got a chance to, these colors look so stunning, I would LOVE to have them xx

  118. I’d honestly like to try everything, but mostly their Rouge d’Armani lipstick (so this contest is perfect!) and their ETK eyeshadows, since the shades look so complex and interesting! I love Armani’s advertisements and their aesthetics as a whole, very sleek and classy.

  119. I’d love to try their Rouge d’Armani lipsticks (so this contest is perfect!) and the ETK eyeshadows, since the shades look so complex and interesting! I love Armani’s advertisements and aesthetic as a whole, very sleek and classy.

  120. 122 Danaa

    i love all armani cosmetics specially their new summery lipsticks xo

  121. 123 Anita Jashnani

    I love Armani cosmetics because they are so classy and chic. You know they are great quality products and that’s why I love them

  122. 124 Kamla P

    I would love to try their obsidian black eyeshadow. I think it would be great to use for a smokey eyes effect.

  123. 125 Ritu S P

    I have used Armani’s Maestro Black Liquid Eyeliner. I simply love it, not only is it gentle to the eye, it is long lasting and dark black, giving definition to my eyes.

  124. 126 Yogita Pagarani

    I have been a big fan of Armani. Be it their perfumes or shampoos and body wash. But I’ve never tried Armani Cosmetics and would love to try these lipsticks!

  125. I have always wanted to try Armani lipsticks since you rave about them so much as they are hydrating and are highly pigmented. My lips are so dry despite doing a daily lip scrubbing and applying lip balms. Due to which lipsticks hardly last and the color fades so quickly. These would definitely be worth a try!

  126. 128 Mary

    Hi Huda!!! I have’nt tried any of armani’s cosmetics (besides the fragrances) but these colors look amazing and this could potentially be the start to a new fave company for me!! 😉 xoxo love you!

  127. 129 Kashish Satwani

    I would love to try Armani cosmetics, specifically these lipsticks. I suffer from chapped lips but love applying lipsticks so this would be a great product to use.

  128. 130 Rekha Sambhwani

    I absolutely love Armani eyeshadows. The come up with some seriously unique color combinations that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. Plus its Armani so you know what to expect.

  129. 131 Selina

    Omg the colors are soooo pretty and I love the packaging. So classy!

  130. 132 Suzan Sari

    I keep thinking about these lipsticks and I’m pumped!!! :)….Huda, your videos are fantastic and have been super helpful plus fun to watch.

  131. i love the colors and the packaging looks so beautiful! i really really want them 😀 thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  132. Hello Huda! I hope you’re doing great :))
    Well to be honest I’ve not tried any Armani products yet, but I believe you, when you say they’ve got great beauty products, because you are one of the best gurus I know and I trust you when you say this is good and this is bad :)) ..

  133. I love their Rouge D’Armani lipstick line because of it’s hydrating and long lasting effect, not to mention the shades are very sexy. If it weren’t so pricey, I’d love to own one in every available shade! I’m curious about trying the Armani Face Fabric because of all the good reviews I’ve been reading about it. I’m a huge fan of your blog, Huda! 🙂

  134. 136 Lizette D.

    hi huda<3

    I've been trying to try the nail polishes and some of the eye shadows. The colors are gorgeous, I realllly would like to win!!! Love you

  135. I’m a big fan of Giorgio Armani beauty products. Their foundations make me skin looks flawless and their lip glosses are the best I’ve ever had. I’m dying to try Armani eyeshadows and lipstick.

    I’m Daria Kr. on Facebook and I just tweeted:

  136. oh it’s me again.. I don’t know how to show you link to me tweet ;/ because it is always disappearing. I’m on Twitter: delight00

  137. 139 Suroor

    hey hi huda :),
    It have been couple of weeks since I started following your blog and must say just love the way u blog about everything :), I wanna ask if u are giving it to international readers also as am from India.But still I wanna comment on these gorgeous lippies 😀
    So I wanna win this give away as I wanna try any Armani product before I die :l,as I never bought any Armani products (yeah not a single thing from Armani :o) till now and I have reached my thirties :-/,So I would love to start from these Rouge D’Armani lippies 🙂 .Everything looks so gorgoeus from the packaging to the colours.Would really love to have them in my collection 🙂

  138. 140 Suroor

    and yeah am following u on twitter since a long time 😀
    twitter: shashimz
    facebook:shak khan 🙂

  139. I looove these lipsticks and i’ve been dieing to try them but in my country they’re not availible so all i can do is hope that i’ll win.

  140. 142 AlyaMawaleed

    I heard that these lipsticks are so sheer and moisturizing.. I wanna try one so badly !!

  141. 143 Salama

    I absolutely love armani as a brand, they’ve got a great collection of jackets & accessories that i love & proud to have. I never tried their cosmetic yet, i didnt know where to start especially since i had a bad experience with another well known brand, so now i rarely change my brands.. But these lipsticks look so appealing to me.. I want to try them out especially when u said it keeps the lips mouistrized even after removing it. That’s a very good thing when it comes to
    Lipsticks, not all brands can do that.

    So i hope to win & get the chance to try Armani lipstick 🙂

  142. 144 Jessica

    I heard the Armani cosmetics are awesome but they aren’t sold in my area. I would love to win this contest to see for myself and maybe order online!

  143. 145 Nu Nu

    I LOVE their EYES TO KILL mascara!and am ssoo eager to try their fabric foundation<3

  144. 146 Radmila

    I’ve been using armani tinted moisturizer since winter, and i absolutely love it! tweeted @radmilamila!/radmilamilamila/status/196316071807033345 and liked on FB

  145. 147 Nu Nu

    eyes to kill mascara is my all time fav! bt cant wait to try their fabric foundation !

  146. 148 Fatma Saidi

    Armani are definitely one of the absolut best make-up brands on the market. Remember once I tried their foundation “face fabric”, omg! The best foundation ever!! And their mascara “eyes to kill”, awsome!
    Well, hope i will be one of the lucky ones :).
    Thank you for these amazing contests!! You ROCK Huda!!

  147. 149 Fatima Sarhan

    I really want to try armani’s lipsticks the colors look gorgeous !!

  148. 150 Nu Nu

    aaahhhhhhh LOVEthese !!! iv used their eyes to kill mascara…. and i love it :):) im waiting to try their fabric foundation ❤ ❤

  149. 151 Lene

    I absolutely love love love the Eyes to Kill mascara, started using it, fell in love and haven’t tried another once since! Would love to try their foundations, hoping to find that elusive HG…

  150. I have been dying to try the armani foundation using their foundation brush that you have used in a couple of your videos!!!

    Liked your page on facebook and i follow you on twitter xxxx

  151. 153 Suzan Sari

    I need to have these can’t stop thinking about these lipsticks!!! 🙂

  152. 154 Minnie

    I would love to try the Face Canvas foundation 🙂

  153. 155 Tanisha Khan

    I love armani cosmetics because they are so unique compared to regular drug store brands and I love those lipstick colors they are beautiful!

  154. Armani cosmetics are great! I have the eyes to kill excess mascara and my eyelashes look amazing. It is seriously the greatest mascara I have used and they make my lashes look amazing.

    I Like your facebook page as Tiffany Zangas and I follow you on Twitter as Omgitstiffduh.

  155. 157 Nu Nu

    i love the armani eyes to kill mascara , and am eagerly waiting to try thier fabric foundation and these lip shadesss ❤ ❤ ❤ love u huddii

  156. 158 Nu Nu

    love the eyes to kill mascara!! and am eagerly waiting to try their fabric foundation ❤

  157. 159 Nu Nu

    love their eyes to kill mascara !!! and cant wait to try their fabric foundation ❤ ❤

  158. 160 Aseel

    did not try any of thier products yet 😦
    but am dying to try thier mascara as my friend told me how much she loves it ! && these lipsticks look amazinggg ❤

  159. 161 Tammy

    I’ve never tryed armani’s cosmetics. But this is a great product to start with. I’ve never won anything in my life EVER! Would love to win these babies. ^.^
    luv and peace

  160. 162 Saniya Bulbul

    I like Armani products because ARMANI products use safe n skin friendly ingrediants in their cosmetics,their brand name is one of the WORLD’S BEST RENOWNED as compared to other brands….If given a chance I would LOVE to try their LIPSTICK COLLECTION….they are creamy,rich & nourish our LIPS….Hope I get the golden chance to win it.

  161. 163 hadeel

    OMG thank you Huda very much, you have no idea what does it mean to win WITH YOU!!! and what a great gift…. Armani Rouge 🙂
    Congrats again for ur relaunch

  162. 164 Tammy

    What I really like about these lipsticks is that you can wear them soft or strong. I think they are graet colors. Love the pinkish shades most. And they have nice ones.

  163. dslkca


  164. 166 Sarah

    i am a lipstick addict but i have never tried armani before as we don’t have them here in egypt so i really wish to win them

  165. 167 Sharon

    i really love the texture , opacity and long-lastingness (is that a word ? ) of armani cosmetics and one definitely doesn’t feel cakey …heard a lot about the Rouge D’Armani Lipsticks and would love to try it !! …

  166. 168 Hijabified Barbie

    I’ve never tried Armani before but I really wanna try out their foundation 🙂

  167. 169 lamees

    i really would love to try this ..!! bs ma aqool ela allah kareem ..

  168. 170 Princess S.

    I looovveee lipsticks!!!! seriously I am obsessed … I have never tried any products from Armani so this will be a great opportunity for me to try there products as well as they are lipstick and as I stated I love lip sticks from drug stores all the way to high end brands … at the moment I am short on money so I have been cutting out on purchasing and I love in Canada Bc, I never seen an armani cosmatic store I don’t even know if we cary it here & I wished I coulda came to your party huda!!! I love you since day one, made my friends addict to your videos and blog 😉 love you from vancouver ❤ xoxo ps. you should visit here its very nice here habibi 🙂

  169. 171 Najlaa Shahin

    I’ve never tried any cosmetics from Armani before but I’ve heard such great things about them!! I really want to try their eye shadows and perfumes 🙂 These lipsticks look amazing I can’t wait to try these as well if I win iA 🙂
    Also following you on twitter and facebook 🙂 love your work!

  170. 172 Gabriella

    I Love armani make up because no matter what Produkt i try its always a blast 🙂 and the foundation let me Look sooo awesome in photos really you guys should try it 😉
    Love your Blog huda i read it everyday!

  171. Ever since Giorgio Armani began their cosmetics line in 2000 I have been itching to try their products however I didn’t until you blogged and raved about their tinted moisturizer, which I went and bought upon your recommendation and LOVED it. These lipstick colours look creamy and fab and I would love to try them! Regardless I am obsessed with your blog and will be back on here at the same time tomorrow 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  172. 174 szappanbubi

    Never used Armani products but from your reviews and shared pretty experiences I believe that it’s NOT just ‘a name’ it provides you quality! 🙂
    sooo eager to try them out and feel on my lips 😉

  173. 175 vero

    I love Armani because it makes me feel beautiful and feminine! mostly I love Rouge d’Armani, they represent Italian elegance!

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