Huda Beauty Bash, A HUGE Thank You!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves! I had such a crazy weekend recuperating from the party. but after I get a massage tomorrow, I think I’ll be back in the swing of things! It’s crazy how fast it flew by! We had just over 300 guests at the party and it meant so much to see everyone there! I am nearly done getting all the photos, but I won’t be able to post them all since I had 3 photographers, we have literally thousands of photos!

I promised everyone I would give you guys the details of my fabulous team, especially since so many of you guys were asking who put together the amazing event, weeelllll….

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Capital D Studios for letting us use their space! They are without doubt the best studio in Dubai and the only one I use to shoot every single photo of mine:) Also, Dish catering! I got so many people telling me they loved their food and I’m honestly still craving some of it! The mini burgers were literally the best I had EVER had! I had something of theirs at a Louis Vuitton event and fell in love! They are hands down my favorite caterers in Dubai! And my last thank you is to Marina Qureshi who is the extraordinary designer behind my dress! I got so many compliments on my dress, that I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard more compliments on anything ever, it really made me feel quite fabulous! Also, to my amazing DJ, Sabrina Terence!! Her music was literally insane, and everyone literally loved every single song, which NEVER happens! I Last but not least my BFF, Candy Z (in the yellow Valley Dez dress)! She was the head photographer for the night and had such beautiful energy that night! She really moved the crowd! Thank you guys!

I will be posting more pics very soon and I can’t wait to show you guys everyone that was there! I really do wish that every single one of you could have been, you really have no idea, but someday!! Xx


17 Responses to “Huda Beauty Bash, A HUGE Thank You!”

  1. 1 Chrissy

    Looks like you girls had a fun time. I’m glad you had such a good trun out.

  2. 2 Nina

    Oh my goodness! I love you Huda, you are so pretty mashaAllah 🙂 I loved your dress, so amazing, suits you so well. Also your makeup and everything! I think it was pretty fun! I wish I was there ~

  3. 3 B

    oh em geee show us more pics !!! you look beautiful always!! and your bff is GORGEOUS as is her dress!! wish i could have been there 😦

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    I’ve been so anxious to hear all the about the event & see the pictures. I’m so glad it was a success you deserve it! I do wish I could of been there, hopefully one day, Xo. Gorgeous dress, loved the makeup I would of liked to see your hair up since the dress had so much detail but your hair was fab, can’t wait to see more photos<3!

  5. 5 BeautyGlam

    You are stunningly beautiful!!!!!! It looks like you had an amazing time!! So glad to hear that!! Can’t wait to see many more pictures! You all look amazing!! Congrats again! Xxxx

  6. 6 Mariam

    You look so pulled together, from the hair to the dress to the makeup! Mona looks stunning as well =) Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing about it!

  7. 7 hadeel

    yes indeed ur dress is fabulous, and ur hair and make up are Amazing.
    wish i was there, congrats Huda

  8. 8 Albina

    All of you girls are looking amazing. You raise up me. Thank you. Waiting for more pictures.

  9. You all look great! everything so far looked amazing!

  10. 10 Marwa Abdullah

    Masha Allah, you looks stunning, great photos and happiness, I wish I was there, but as I sent you earlier, I was engaged with my lectures here in Abu Dhabi.

    Dear Huda, you loved my Video sent to you earlier, this means I am eligible for the Beauty Bag as promised, or it is over now ?

    Thanks 🙂

  11. 11 Tammy

    Wow you all looked FAB.
    Wich i was there.
    All the best for you.

  12. 12 Alyson

    that lady in the yellow looks like huda’s twin

  13. Cant wait to see the rest of the pics ❤

  14. 14 Crissy K

    Your dress is lovely! you are such a wonderful inspiration. I love your sense of style!!!

    • 15 bysaramattar

      Ur bff is GORG !!!! Wow

  15. 16 Jes

    amazing!!! looks like u guys had an amazing time! Wish someday we could come 🙂 lol….anyways, looking forward to more pix!!

  16. 17 heidi

    hi, who did ur friend makeup, her skin is so beautiful, of
    fcourse all of u look beautiful.

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