Rad or Bad | Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know, I know, Philosophy can do no wrong! They are the top skin selling brand in Sephora in the states and one of the top selling world wide, but really why is that? Is it because it’s an awesome brand or is there just awesome advertising behind the brand?

I tried the Microdelivery Peel from Philosophy and I have to say, it’s pretty kick ass! I was really impressed with when I first just applied a small amount to my hands and the mixture became really warm. That’s really great, but what about your skin? What does it do to it?! Hopefully more than just warm it! Ok, this amazing combination of peptides, vitamin C and micro crystals SERIOUSLY deliver some of the SOFTEST skin ever! I’ve used it for a couple months now and it’s my secret weapon when I know I need to look perfect! Over time, it does make your skin look radiant, but after just one use, your skin is sooooooooo soft and smooth! It’s literally the most perfect canvas for makeup!

When I had to do my shoot for my new site and even my party this past weekend, I always make sure to use this scrub! I’ve had a few that I’ve loved (loved the L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Scrub and really liked the Soap & Glory Rub Your Nose in it Face Scrub), but honestly this one is pretty much the best I’ve ever used! It makes me feel ready for serious close ups and gets rid of any dead skin! This one is a WINNER and a total must try! 🙂

Great for wrinkles, acne scars, and removing dead skin

Available at Sephora world wide


10 Responses to “Rad or Bad | Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel”

  1. 1 Ada

    Better than the Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength AHA pads?! Because those are supposed to be amasing.. Thanks for informing about this as I’ve been really wanting to try :-)))

    • Different! The Dr. Dennis Gross Pads are sooooo amazing and great for reducing the appearance of black heads and creating a glow. You can actually use those every single day! I personally cannot use scrubs every day, so this one I use once every other day, although it’s really a mild scrub, This one will help get rid of any dead skin and make your skin look flawless when you wear makeup! I actually use the two together (just not every day)!

      • 3 Ada

        I love your life Hudaaa thank you so much that helps a lot!! Cheersss 🙂

  2. 4 sonyia

    heey can you please do a post on the clarisonic!? ive heard such good reviews on it bt i want to know what you think before i go out and buy it!

  3. 5 hadeel

    okay Huda i trust you veeerrry much and i will buy one just because you said so, but somehow you scared me at the beginning when you said, what could this formula do to our skin!!!

  4. 6 Melisa

    Sounds like the olay microdermabrasion peel kit that I’ve been using for years! Leaves your skin soft & after a while radiant!!

  5. 7 Ayesha

    thank you for sharing. I will try this out just because you said so. I love everything you pick and have bought a lot of the things you recommend and I love them all:) http://tanyesha.blogspot.com

  6. 8 zahraa parez

    Huda you gona make me go bankrupt ! I’m trying out Soooo manny of these amazing products and its agreeing with my skin! Including all the makeup products u use ! I luuuuuurrrvvvvvEe makeup ! And my makeup skills have improved so much! I actualy chilling with the amount of Makeup I put on and I’m loving it ! Love your loadS ! I just ordered the microdelivry peel! I’m looking for really good eyecream eye primers ..also I’d luurvve to see reviews on different false eyelashes we can use for different occasions there’s like a million eyelashes to choose from! And you can also talk about negatives of wearing em like does it effect my natural growth of eyelashes ? Coza the glue n stuff! So Far you covered all my skin problems! Lol ThankS ! 😀 love ya blog

  7. 9 Ashna

    Ohw my gosh! I love your blog! Thank you for trying all the beauty products in the world and informing us about the truth. I like to visits shopping malls, and shops with a lot of make-up and beauty products and you are my personal guide, I will definatelt try this one!

  8. I will definitely try out all the products that you mentioned above 🙂 my face totally needs a re-conditioning and I love peels and scrubs!

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