Happy Birthday Monie!!!


Hi darlings! Today is Mona’s Bday!! So excited! We’re taking her out for dinner, but how adorable is her cake!! It’s from Iconycs Cakes and I honestly am in love with the gorgeous design!!! I’ve had their cakes before and they are just as delicious as they are beautiful!! Love them!!!


15 Responses to “Happy Birthday Monie!!!”

  1. 1 crystal

    It looks pretty and delicious.. :] … jst gave me an idea for my bfs bday :]

  2. 2 jojosbeautyguide

    Nice. Happy Birthday Monie!

  3. Happy birth Day this year and every year Inshallah 🙂 Luvu

  4. 4 MakeUpNaive

    Whats the flavor of that cake? 🍰

    • Its Chocolate with Chocolate Butter Cream and a topper of Vanilla.

  5. 6 Marjaneh

    happy birthday mona!! ps can you post more pics of you (and the bday girl of course) from that party? your makeup and especially your hair looks unbelievable

  6. 7 Mary Monroe

    so prettyyy

  7. 8 zeintabbara

    Happy birthday Mona! Btw Huda check your email, this one: info@hudabeauty.com

  8. lovely cake! Happy Bday Mona!

  9. 10 Lola

    Nice cake Huda 🙂 happy birthday Mona 🙂 have a blast girls xx

  10. 11 Abeer

    Happy Birthday My Sweetest Mona!!!

    xo xo

  11. 12 Ibtisam

    happy birthday Mona..!!

  12. 13 Mishly

    Happy Birthday dear Mona, my son shares same bday as urs :))) May you have many more … enjoy ..xoxo

  13. 14 hadeel


  14. Thanks so much Everyone!!! ❤ you!!!!

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