Favorite Products of the Month!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!! Soooo here are my favorite products of April! I really do love these products so much, so I hope you try them and love them!! <3<3<3



22 Responses to “Favorite Products of the Month!”

  1. 1 mkk

    yaaaay 🙂
    i am first :p
    really like it i will try hem soon enshallah
    may i ask you to do a vidoe about pregnancy and beauty relly need that i’m 6 months and i already look tired i wish you have some advice for me thanx
    loooooove u

  2. 2 Alya

    The Naked 2 palette is available in Sephora in Dubai 🙂 saw it a few days ago

  3. 3 rmrmrm8387

    i have some of them..every thing u said about the products is soo true i love u huda but i wanna ask u about the price of chanel foundation cause i have blushes lipstick glosses mascara but never a foundation???
    thank u

    • 4 rmrmrm8387

      ohh another thing.. am pregnant in my 34 weeks and there is some red small pimples on my face but not too much…is there any thing i can do??

  4. thanks for the video! great mini reviews! I have been wanting to try the Olay White Radiance Serum!

  5. 6 marwa

    hey huda…

    i am in love with all wat u say n i thank you for sharing those beauty informations…

    ok.. so as long my graduation gonna be in couple of weeks i wanted to ask u for a tutorial of the best makeup to wear so that it looks nice in pictures.. the graduation cermony is early in the morning and i dunno what kind of make up to put on…

    thanx.. xoxo

  6. Thnx sweety….I loved the cute note at the end…hahhaha…we love you and your awsomes :*****

  7. 8 Tammy

    Wow ur skin looks graet mashalla.
    Will give some of these products a try. I’m looking for new skin care products kind of sick of mine and they dont really work.
    How long should we normally wait to see results of any product anyway??
    would love to see a vedio on this matter. I mean for face cream lightning creams stuff like that.
    Luv and peace.

  8. 9 hadeel

    I’m using the Dove shampoo same type you were showing and i love it and now i will try the mask as you recommended

  9. 10 Mishly

    u look awsome in this video !! and every product is awsome too 😉

  10. 11 Mary Monroe

    I just got Naked 2 I also love itt 🙂 …. These products do sound amazingg can’t wait to try them, I really want to know what the chanel foundation is all about sounds like the best foundation <3!

  11. 12 Raena

    Hud a, u say ” kind of like” ALOT lol

  12. 13 BeautyGlam

    Love you!! ❤ You are seriously awesome! I always look forward to your favorites video!! Can't wait to try these products!! Xoxxxo

  13. Hi Huda I was wondering if the VitalumierAqua compact is similar to the VitalumierAqua fluid foundation. Is the coverage the same?

    • HI darling! The Aqua is a cream, so the coverage and appearance is really different! I love cream foundations for events whenI need to look flawless for photos! But you really have to use a wet sponge when applying! 🙂

  14. 16 Jasmin

    Huda, could you please tell me where can I get the radiance serum in London? I don’t think the drugstores would sell anything that has ‘White’ in it…

  15. 17 Dee

    Huda, Can you please tell me where I can purchase the olay white radiance serum in the States? Thx Doll

  16. 18 Noura

    Huda! in the video you mentioned that we should use a cream with the Olay white radiance serum, so which cream do you suggest??

  17. 19 BeautyGlam

    Huda babe! Did you use the Chanel Vitalumiere cream foundation at your party?! You looked FLAWLESS!!!!!! Pleeeease answer! Im looking to purchase it!

  18. Love it! I really want to try the Chanel line for skincare!! Do u have acne prone skin at all?

  19. 21 Barbie Girl

    I love u so much and love everything you did
    love ur hair, skine mashalla
    I have one question where can I find OLAY seruim?

  20. 22 Aisha

    nice tutorial dear, i had a small question about foundations
    which one do u think is better for daily use powder or liquid foundation?

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