Finally Here!! PICS!! Huda Beauty Bash Party Duex


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hiii my loves!! Soooo, I literally had to look through TONS of photos, to get the most fun ones for you to see! I was trying to limit it to 20-30, but I ended up getting it down to about 80! It was really hard to choose! I hope you enjoy them!! Hope you guys can make it to the next one!! <3<3<3 Love you guys!! Xx

Again! I would like to thank everyone involved! Capital D Studios, Marina Qureshi for my fabulous dress (from, Dish Catering, Sabrina Terence, Olay, Pantene, Dolce & Gabbana, Bioderma, Vaseline, Braun, NStyle, Kerastase, Beauty Blender, Kaya Skin Care Clinic, and Giorgio Armani! Also Valley Dez for dressing Mona, Alya and Candy!

You guys were seriously awesome!! Thank you soooo much!!!


22 Responses to “Finally Here!! PICS!! Huda Beauty Bash Party Duex”

  1. 1 Alyea

    You guys look fabulous! I lurrrrrve Mona’s dress where is it from?!!

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    Omg GORGEOUS galss!! Such a beautiful event, very fun photos… food deff looked amazing, loved all the lighting &the Huda Beauty stand! I can only imagine being there, hopefully one day! Xo

  3. 3 Amira LVS

    the food looks delish

  4. 4 cam

    Hey huda!!! Thanks sooo much for sharing the pics! I wish I was there!!! Can you PPLLLEEASSEEE do a tutorial on the makeup you wore?? Like long lasting party makeup!!!! Thanks I love you!!!!!!

  5. 5 sara hamdan

    wow… u looks gr8

  6. Few more images on ! ;*

    • 7 Danya

      Candice you’re so adorable ❤

      • awww ty love! 😉

  7. 9 Maha

    This looks like it was a lot of fun!! Congrats on your well deserved success

  8. OH MY GOODNESS! Huda where is your dress from?! It’s absolutely Stunning!

  9. 11 BeautyGlam

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!! WOWWW!! Looks like you all had so much fun!
    And babe you look simply gorgeous and flawless in every picture!!! Your dress, hair and makeup all looked beautiful! I wish my makeup would last that long haha 😉 Could you pleeeease let us know what products you used to achieve that flawless look and lasting makeup! LOVE YOU!! ❤ And sooo happy for your success!! XOXOXO

  10. 12 zuhra

    wow, what a great party!!!! congrats!!!!!

  11. 13 Wasan Jazz

    Beautiful pics. You all look gorgeous. I love your dress Huda. I LOVE ur blog 🙂

  12. 14 Huda

    Hey Huda!
    Huge fan! My name is Huda too! I hail from NYC but, I am Yemeni at heart. Just wanted to know if you could ask Mona what she is wearing from head to toe, accessories and all. Thanx!

  13. 15 Mishly

    hey Huda I am so so hurt !!! amongst 80 pics there is not a single pic me there 😦 while i know for sure that so many pic have been taken for me also like others and even with u and mona i have some .. donno on what basis did u chose so everyone can came while some people are repeated in more that 3-4 times in the pics 😦 neways .. so excited to see the my pics and also with you .. The bash was fab … all the best .. love. Maheen

  14. Looks like it was an amazing night with lots of fun and laughter! Great work!

  15. 17 Saroosh

    Aw man I wish I lived in Dubai to come attend this fab party! 😦

  16. 18 hadeel

    you look absolutely gorgeous in each and every picture and the color purple looks great on you 🙂 . good luck with votings for the new competition

  17. 19 Riya

    Omgggggg all gorgeous galsssss around… :* bless u love… i think u got everything in ur life, what u want , which is most important thing. wish u all the best for great future & cong8rs for great start….

  18. 20 Mariam

    You definitely have a fashionable (and beautiful) set of readers! You must be proud =) You looked stunning in EVERY picture and now I’m thinking you should give us the lowdown on how to look perfect in pictures =) Mona and Alya look stunning as well!

    • 21 Mariam

      PS – forgot to say that the dress definitely helped in making you stick out of the crowd!

  19. Mabrook huda on your amazing event! It was great, I had a wonderful time!! So well put together and I absolutely loved the goody bag!! mashallah from strength to strength dear!!

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