Celebrity Summer Hair Guide


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can’t tell you guys how much I’ve been dying to change my hair! Every time I get close to doing something, my sisters talk me out of it! I’m still looking for the right hair style, hopefully I will find something soon! Here are some gorgeous celebrity dos that are really inspiring! Which one do you guys love the most?


16 Responses to “Celebrity Summer Hair Guide”

  1. 1 maryam

    For sure Sarah Jessica Parker 🙂 she is awesome in everything, fashion, style..she is the Godess 🙂

    • 2 hadeel

      Hi maryam, i agree Jessica knows how to look fabulous each time she is on the red carpet, but let us lose the word Godess or Goddess, it’s a common word i know, but we need to use a different word to express our admire far from GOD who is perfect. 🙂

      • 3 Camila

        I don’t think she meant that word was meant to take offensively to God, just that in some opinions SJP is pretty darn great! Kind of when you say “That dress is perfect!! 🙂
        Just saying! I don’t think she meant anything bad by it or any disrespect! 🙂

      • 4 nihad

        agree 🙂

      • 5 nihad

        i mean i totally agree with hadeel! 🙂

  2. 6 Tanya

    Jessica Beil and Miranda Kerr!

  3. 7 Tammy

    I’ve always love red hair not th boaring one but th hot red just like th one in pics. But i think you should be a certen kind of light skin to pull it off. I think it looks best on pursolane white girls. My fav is sara and Jesica beal. Love her. Shes gorg.

  4. 8 nicolemarie

    jennifers hair looks like its full of cheap extensions and excessive teasing but my fave would have to be sarah jessica parkers or kimmmss

  5. 9 maryam

    Dear Hadeel, here is not a religious weblog, and no one is trying to disrespect anything, It is good if you take more knowledge of english vocabulary, goddess has the following definition:” A goddess is a female deity. In some cultures goddesses are associated with Earth, motherhood, love, and the household. In other cultures, goddesses also rule over war, death, and destruction as well as healing.” and it has nothing to do with our great creature God….

  6. 10 maryam

    sorry I meant Great creator

  7. 11 Sahar

    Mila kunis, Jessica biel, and Kim look the best. Their hair is gorgeous.

  8. 12 Mary Monroe

    I don’t like any looks

  9. 13 PinkiiM

    Yaa for me also is Sara J P is the best

  10. 14 sandy

    i feel jessica parker

  11. 15 Ella

    JLO and SJP 😊👍

  12. 16 Michelle

    Jessica Biel!

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