Chanel’s Super GORG Summer Nails


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I always look forward to summer nails! They are by FAR the most colorful, fun and bright nails of any season and I love the way they look on every skin tone! Chanel seems to have amazing collections for every season and this season their nail varnishes are to die for! Honestly the gold one is cool, but it’s not my first choice, I might wear it on top of another polish. But Distraction and Holiday are INSANE colors! Distraction is beautiful because even though it’s bright and powerful it has a very soft and girly feel to it! I love it because I feel like it’s a sexy polish! This collection is seriously BEAUTIIIIFUL!!

Sorry for the photos, I had to use my iPhone since I accidentally left my camera at Mona’s!


7 Responses to “Chanel’s Super GORG Summer Nails”

  1. 1 H from iraq

    Wow. So beautiful!!!

  2. These are very beautiful, I love the gold one!

  3. 3 mishly

    I love the Holiday and Gold Fingers 🙂

  4. 4 coralcrue

    it’s so beautiful and Huda, I read your post on styling your hair a different way, I think your sisters are right, i prefer your hair the way it is. but if you really do want a change, go for something not too drastic. I really love how it’s so good on you right now.

  5. 5 deema

    Huda what do you prefer for summer short nails or long ones?

  6. 6 jojosbeautyguide

    Distraction and Holiday looks perfect. Not really a fan of glittered nail varnish.

  7. 7 zuhra

    i love the holiday.

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