Vitamin HB | Why You MUUUST Start Drinking Almond Milk!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I can’t tell you HOW many reports I’ve read about cow’s milk and how it’s just not that good for you anymore! My best friend (Candy Z) puts it like this, it’s not like it used to be. Cows are not milked by farmers anymore, they’re milked by machines! Those machines cause so much stress and damage to the utters that the milk we drink needs to be pasteurized to get rid of any harmful ingredients, including anything that may have leaked from wounds the utters cause. GROSS, I know! But true! I never really thought anything of it, but I had to give up milk after my daughter was severely colic and I was breastfeeding. I always loved milk, but never really went back into it after that.

Ok, I don’t want to make this super long, BUT I’ve been drinking Almond Milk lately and I can’t believe how delicious it is, not to mention how beautifying and healthy! I’m going to make this direct and to the point, here’s why you SHOULD be drinking Almond Milk:

  1. Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, so it’s great for your hair, nails, skin and HEART
  2. High in Protein
  3. RICH in vitamins & minerals (vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, manganese, selenium, fiber, potassium, iron, and calcium)
  4. It’s high mineral content make it great at fighting cancer
  5. Super Anti Aging (thanks to vitamin E and Antioxidants)
  6. Super Low Fat and Low Calorie
  7. Doesn’t need any additives (just crushed almonds and water)
  8. No soy, lactose, or gluten

I personally drink organic almond milk, but almond milk is available in most whole food organic grocers, you can always request it as well!


19 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Why You MUUUST Start Drinking Almond Milk!”

  1. 1 Zoe J

    Its udders**

  2. 2 Alia H

    Camel’s milk is also causing a stir as being the best milk, it’s great for diabetics and it is less fatty than cow-milk, plus its filled with vitamins and minerals. They are making chocolate’s now out of camel milk.


  3. 3 Mishly

    hmmm very informative i dint know that almond milk has so much advantages.

    I love you huda 🙂

  4. 4 felirx

    Reblogged this on Felirx's Blog.

  5. 5 perlanera

    HI Sweety

    can you help us and specify for placeses where we can find almond milk as u mentioned. I would really like to try it.

  6. 6 ap

    where do u buy organic almond milk dubai??

    • 7 Mais

      I found it in Lulu Hypermarket. Spinneys must be selling it too.

  7. 8 Mais

    Does it taste good with Coffee/Nescafe?

  8. 9 Amy OBrien

    If you like coconut…almond coconut milk is a must : )

  9. 10 Ada

    Yaaay I love almond milk! And don’t forget some of the studies that are out there saying that milk helps you lose weight :-). But there are other alternatives too like organic milk and coconut milk.

  10. 11 Karinna

    for me personally, it also depends on what type of milk you buy. If you like regular milk, then def buying organic and/or local and researching on how the cows are treated ( milked by machine or hand, what the cows are fed, etc) can also have an impact on the quality. Some things to watch out for in Almond Milk and Coconut Milk are the sugars and saturated fats. Coconut Milk is great in the AM or before a workout, but not great before bed typically because of the sugars. All depends on preference of the person really and what you buy! At least for me anyway! Thanks Huda for the great food topic! Love to see more of these!

  11. 12 Char

    Yeah Im so happy you are informing your followers about how horrible these poor animals are treated! almond and coconut milk is sooo much better for you and for the planet!! xoxo

  12. 13 Dixie Diaz

    I love it!!! My fiancee’ put me up on it.. and I haven’t stopped drinking it.. I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! ❤ ❤

  13. 14 BeautyGlam

    Can’t wait to try some! Very informative! Thanks! Xox

  14. I totally agree! I love almond milk! Especially the Dark Chocolate variety…

  15. 16 crystal

    My boss got me drinking almond milk and using it to make shakes very delicious. Also i looove almond butter with apples and everything and it is very good. I def. noticed a difference in my hair, nails and skin 🙂

  16. 17 Mary Monroe

    I loveee milk! I can’t go a day without it, I’ll try the almond work and see how it goes but it does sound very beneficial.

  17. I am not a huge fan of almond, but I LOVE Coconut Milk! So far, my favorite brand for coconut milk, is Silk.

  18. 19 riya

    Love u huda, I have cow milk from my childhood, but this is a great alternative.

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