You Be The Judge! Kim & JLo Go for ‘Different’ Looks


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s no secret that I love Hollywood makeup and hair! Even though I look funky makeup and hair, I typically go for more beautifying looks like ones from Kim Kardashian, Jlo and Beyonce! When I saw these recent photos of Kim on a photoshoot for Vogue, I was sooo happy to hear it was just a wig! She really looks identical to her mom with the short do and I honestly don’t like it! As for Ms. Lopez, her dark lips just don’t suit the rest of the makeup! I’m sure she would look good in super dramatic dark lips, but the rest of the makeup is just not working for me! Her skin is too light and her eyes look really small! And her hair, as much as I love simple hair, is just too simple! I would have loved a higher ponytail with that dress!

But, that’s my opinion, what do you guys think?!!


29 Responses to “You Be The Judge! Kim & JLo Go for ‘Different’ Looks”

  1. 1 fakhra


  2. 2 suroor

    am kinda liking jlo’s makeup especially the lipstick but her dress (O_o),lemme think oh yeah greek grandma (-_-), kim looks trashy (>_<)

  3. 3 coralcrue

    oh lord! you are so right. Kim does look just like her mom. alwys thought she would turn out like her. and Jlo. the look’s not anything great. totally fail

  4. 4 Diana

    i actually love JLo’s new look. very different to what she normally does and that’s the whole point for a different color lipstick and eye make up and hair. I love the new simple. says to me that she knows her worth and doesn’t need to try too hard.

  5. 5 ه

    Did I saw cellulite on kim’s lig???!!!

  6. 6 ه

    Leg? Lol

  7. 7 Pamela

    Those shorts on Kim are not flattering at all, but the short hair looks cute, although her long hair looks better. Jlo none if it works for me, the hair, the make-up or the dress. She certainly doesn’t look stunning like she normally does.

  8. 8 Mary Monroe

    I love JLo’s look I saw it on t.v today and she just looked amazing… as for the rest of her makeup i do agree with you it’s very light and off, but it didn’t appear to be so on television, I think she looks so glam!

    Kim K’s look is just trashy lllol I know it’s for a photoshoot but it’s not looking too cute, we deff don’t need another Kris Jenner.

  9. 9 Nikki

    All I see is cellulite on Kim’s thigh! All that money and she looks sloppy! What happened to the Velashape treatments?

  10. 10 Rohini

    JLo’s look is so confusing.. the neckline and lips are bold but then the rest of her makeup and hair is so subtle. I wish she had done a low messy side bun with pale lips. Also, the eye makeup shouldn’t have been so dramatic. THANK GOD that’s a wig on Kim. The short do is def great on her mom.. NOT on her. I’m allll for her womanly figure but I feel like those shorts are tooo tight and she looks like she has cellulite.

  11. 11 Ligia

    I think they are both gorgeous women. I think JLo looks great her makeup is absolutly beautiful and very fitting for the look she is trying to achieve..she is going for a classic vintage look..the dress is gorgeous very vintage Hollywood..I think she looks fabulous. Unfortunatly Kim does not look her best with that hair looks like she is wearing a tattered old wig..and I think they caught her on a bad day because her outfit is very unbecoming of a fashionista like Kim…fortunatly for her..her hair doesnt define her and it will grow back..she is beautiful none the less and Im sure as her hair grows she will find tasteful ways to style it. ❤

  12. 12 MakeUpNaive

    Huda please turn this into a slideshow.. Its way too slow opening the pics on mobile… Pretty Please with cherry on top and thank you.. 🙏

    • 13 Lenaro

      agree 100%. Pics should be mobile friendly too via slideshow capability.

    • 14 Sanaz

      yes please huda do that? I am always reading your blog via iphone too so it would really make my day if you’d turn the pics into a slideshow.

  13. 15 Reem

    I like that jlo is taking it easy with the fake bake tan she normally has. The dark lipstick and light skin are nicely contrasting. Her dress does not suit her though. Kim k looks trashy. Another person who should take it easy with the fake bake. Her natural skin tone is nice as is.

  14. 16 hadeel

    i love it when celebrities have a new look, i mean JL has a tanned look and makeup most of the time it’s her signature, but this new look wasn’t a successful change i guess.

  15. 17 zuhra

    imho, total fail for both of them.

  16. 18 bunny

    in one of the pictures kimmies nipples are showing

  17. 19 Sabrina

    Is she wearing Spanx under those shorts?! It looks like it. It’ll be then photo-shopped off! As for J.Lo I like the vampy-esque on her. It’s something different.

  18. 20 Jolie

    Kim is trying hard to look like something she is NOT, She looks awful. JLo looks like a Vampire with her hair pulled back and pale makeup. I don’t like either changes.

  19. 21 Amna

    I LOVE JLO’s Look, soo glam

  20. 22 Elyse

    OMG I can’t believe how much the make up and hair can make a difference both jlo and kim k look awful in my opinion the look suits neither of them



  22. 24 Aisha

    for some reason am loving JLo’s look !! she looks 10 years younger.
    whereas kim looks trashy and 10 years older.

  23. 25 sanaz

    Hi Huda,

    Thanks for this awesome post.

    I really love JLOs makeup and style, it is truly old hollywood fashion or style etc. I’m sure her makeup artist (and JLO) were going for a 20’s look, I mean it’s obvious. Her light eyebrows and pale skin are accentuating her dramatically dark lips, which is soooo 20 to 30’s.

    I’m just loving this cause I’m a vintage kinda gal.

    Thanks for this post!


  24. 26 sanaz

    and rest of her makeup is the color of her dress.

    Jlo is truly a trendsetter, she’s always going for something different rather than the boring usual.

  25. 27 salma

    Jloooo looook preeety but kim look stuped

  26. 28 Jasmine

    i like jlo’s makeup, although it makes her look mad all the time. But i don’t like her dresss at all. Kim’s hair looks cute, but she looks really trashy in the outfit

  27. 29 gloria

    kim looks awful and trashy and is she wearing spanx or bum pads?
    j.lo looks different and chic 🙂

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