Depuff and Refresh Your Eyes!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know, I KNOW! I always preach the importance of beauty sleep–it’s like sooooo important! But I honestly don’t get my fair share, in fact I don’t really ever remember sleeping enough! Of course I like to think I’m super woman, but my face starts to remind me sometimes that I’m not, specifically my eyes! I hate it, but my eyes get so puffy that it honestly ages me!

Something I actually picked up on one of my recent trips was this Clinique All About Eyes Roll On. I honestly bought it on the plane because my eyes felt they needed a bit freshening, and I liked that the size was travel friendly! I applied some on and used the roller ball to massage my eyes and it was amazing! The ingredients are insane for giving you that I’ve-slept-all-night-look! It has caffeine, antioxidants and other powerful ingredients! It’s also oil free and is safe for all skin types!  This has been GREAT anytime I need a quick freshening up and want my eyes to look awake!

Huda’s Tip: You really don’t get the most out of this unless you use it the right way! It’s really important to start from the inner corner of your eyes and roll the ball till the outside of the eye socket. Use light to medium pressure, but NOT firm! This is AWESOME!!


12 Responses to “Depuff and Refresh Your Eyes!”

  1. 1 hh

    i bought this but did’nt saw any result?may be i used it in wrong way

  2. 2 mishly

    will surely try it !! as i also dont get enough sleep.

  3. 3 Bassima

    how about dark cirlcles ?? 😦 😦

  4. 4 mary monroe

    I would love to give this a try! … I dislike the puffiness under my eyes badly

  5. 5 coralcrue

    oh huda, please do a post on those horrible eyebags and puffiness I get. It ages me like crazy!!! please include some natural tips along with a miracle product. i’ve use this one but i think my problem’s way worse :((( please please pretty please 🙂

  6. 6 Marjaneh

    thanks Huda! can you give us tips/do a tutorial on makeup while on the plane? i always feel so dry and overly made up while flying

  7. 7 Amy

    Will this help to fade dark circles also?

  8. 8 Sal

    Huda can u please make a short video on how to apply this product and also night eye cream, coz we always get it wrong so it’s better to see it once and for all. Thx dear

  9. Hi darlings!! This does not help with dark circles, only bags

  10. 10 Phaedria

    Reblogged this on phaedria.

  11. I have this and it is really great!! I love CLINIQUE!

  12. 12 Reena

    I love Clinique products! Recently I’m having insomnia and I got puffy eyes. Good thing they have it. This is a must have!

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