Friday Favs | SERIOUSLY Gorgeous Skin!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yaaay!!! Friday is HERE! I was actually a bit sick this week, so this Friday I’m taking things easy! My skin will definitely be a focus for me while I do my at home treatments! Here are a few things I will definitely be doing!! I hope you guys enjoy them!! Love you guys!! Xxx

Facial Scrub I’m Loving Right Now!

Using milk-based products has become a serious favorite of mine! I can honestly say, I have seen a difference so much that I have been pouring cups of milk into my bath at night! I just love the way Click Here to Read About an Amazing and Easy to Make Face Scrub!

Super Cool & Brightening Toner!

My skin being as sensitive as it is simply CANNOT be without toner! If I skip toner even for one day, my skin breaks out really bad! Toner is great for everyone, it keeps our skin Click Here to Read More About this Super Easy and Beautifying Toner!

Calm Your Skin & Breakouts!

Catastrophic!!! Nothing is worse than breaking out the day before your wedding, and well, that happen to me! I was at a spa and decided to try a new facial that seemed harmless and boy did I pay for that! My skin was Click Here to Read More About Skin Emergencies!


3 Responses to “Friday Favs | SERIOUSLY Gorgeous Skin!!”

  1. 1 ه

    Hi huda. How can choose agood eye cream ?I am 30 yrs
    Thank u

  2. Hi Huda, I have a question. When you put milk in your bath, it doesnt make your drain smell gross? Just wondering you know how milk will spoil. I am just wondering if it smells bad after you wash it down the drain thanks!

  3. 3 Mary Monroe

    I love all these tips can’t wait to try the toner!

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