Fun with Instagram!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

OMG!! @NourGiselle yanked off my lashes! Both sides!! #hilarious

Hi my loves! I am OBSESSED with Instagram! It’s honestly my favorite new social media! I love that you can just share photos so fast with everyone around the world! I realized that not everyone is on it, so I actually found a way to link my Instagram and blog, yaaay!! That means I will be sharing my photos with you guys as well! They might look like statuses with photos, but I will be sharing them with you guys whenever they are beauty related, which is most of the time!! 🙂 Here are some recent photos from my Instagram, hope you guys enjoy!! Xx






7 Responses to “Fun with Instagram!!”

  1. 1 sandy

    curly look is more good on u than straight

  2. 2 zuhra

    i love ur first picture with straight hair!!! suits you big time!!!

  3. 3 Richa

    Soooo pretty!!!

  4. Intee mahboba w btenhabi huda, I like your job $$$

  5. 5 Mary Monroe

    aww thanks for doing that!.. I don’t have instagram but hopefully I will soon, it is awesome, but yay excited to see them on here<3!

  6. Goodness! You’re sooo beautiful Huda!

  7. 7 Sarah

    I like your curly hair, you should wear it like that more often.

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