Drugstore Product of the Week!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I love trying new products, but I especially love seeing the amazing results! The other day, I ran into a friend of mine, I hadn’t seen in months! Being such a gorgeous girl, you would never really notice her pigmentation or dark circles, but when I saw her, I noticed something different, in a great way! She looked healthy, well rested and just amazing overall! I asked her right away why she looked SO gorgeous! She told me everyone had been commenting on her skin and that she completely saw a difference after using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream. After she said it to me, I saw immediately that her her pigmentation and dark circles were almost gone! I was really impressed, especially since I saw her sans makeup! I did a bit of research, the reviews were amazing! I recently bought this product and I can’t wait to use it!

This product does contain retinol, which may result in brighter, more radiant skin, and can also help diminish any scars from blemishes or discoloration. I would ONLY use this at night since it has such high levels of retinol!


6 Responses to “Drugstore Product of the Week!”

  1. 1 maryam

    Hey darling, where we can buy it here in Dubai?

  2. 2 Mary Monroe

    this sounds great

  3. I love retinol, the only bad thing about it that you have to use strong SPF while using and its only for night time!

  4. 4 BeautyGlam

    Sounds like an awesome product!

  5. 5 Baroor

    Can it be used by pregnant woman??

  6. 6 hadeel

    but how she used this product on her skin and also under her eyes, are they two different products of Neutrogena

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