Vitamin HB | Make Your Own At Home Plumping Lipstick!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

For some reason every girl I talk to, no matter WHAT size her lips always tells me they wouldn’t mind a little more juicening up! Of course I think any size of lips could always use a little natural plumping, from ingredients like cinnamon and peppermint! The other day while I was making a lipstick concoction, I decided to snap some photos of the process! It turned out really amazing and it’s definitely my favorite lipstick of the moment! Check out the process below!


12 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Make Your Own At Home Plumping Lipstick!”

  1. 1 Ayesha

    great idea:) I’ll try it out Huda – thanks

  2. 2 Nishah

    This is a perfect idea..i hv so much of leftover fav lippies which i hv no hearth to throw but no time to dig and use either..

  3. 3 crazydaisy

    … Sounds awesome!
    pre-heated oven?

    • Hi darling! I didn’t preheat, just popped it and watched it! I have melted the container before! Which was a total bummer, but it should all melt down into a really smooth liquid like consistency!

      • 5 Sal

        Can the microwave do?

  4. 6 Tammy

    Loooove it! I once scraped my very much used favorit lipstick and mixed it with lipgloss. Which lasted pretty good time.
    Love this. Diffenetly trying it!

  5. 7 sakina

    totally love this idea and will definitely try it!! I was wondering if you could do a make up tutorial on one Nancy Ajram’s looks, her looks are usually very settled and super gorgeous and would love to know how to do any of them. Thanks…

  6. 8 Lola

    Awesome idea Huda 🙂 can u tell us which lipsticks did you use in this tuttorial ? Thanks a bunch 🙂

  7. 9 Misbah Shaikh

    would there be a possibility of getting your lipsticks in any store? Maybe you could start your own line………….. I am really looking forward to your cosmetic line.May be this lipstick to start with.

  8. Hi darlings!! I used MAC Huge Me and Shy Girl, with Tom Ford Pink Dusk and NARS Honolulu Honey! I honestly love it!! 🙂 It’s the best way to get YOUR perfect shade!! 🙂 b

  9. this is pretty awesome! On my To Do List 🙂

  10. 12 Mary Monroe

    some reason i didn’t see this post.. can’t wait to tryy

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