Only a few days left!! Please Vote for Me as Best Makeup Artist in Dubai!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Wow, I honestly cannot express how honored I am to even receive a nomination like this! It really makes me all warm on the inside! 🙂 Viva Magazine has nominated me as one of the best makeup artist in Dubai for their Beauty Awards 2012! There are so many great makeup artist in Dubai, so for me, I’m literally over the moon!! Soooo I need your help to make sure we win this! I love you all to pieces and I am so excited about this nomination!! Please help and vote and spread the word!! 🙂

Click here to vote!


24 Responses to “Only a few days left!! Please Vote for Me as Best Makeup Artist in Dubai!”

  1. You get my vote!!!! Best of luck hayati!!! Love you!!!

    • I love you! Come over please!!

  2. 3 H from iraq

    I’ll Vote for u every day … U deserve it honye

    • awwww babe!!!! 🙂

      • 5 Sakia

        How do I vote?

      • 6 H from iraq


  3. 7 jojosbeautyguide

    Voted! Best of Luck to you 🙂

  4. 8 Gulfishan

    Doneeeee ❤

  5. 9 Mary Monroe

    How could I nottt, you’re the best worldwide!

    • 10 Mary Monroe

      ok so idk if i’m doing this the right way, I selected you but nothing happens to the page it doesn’t say thanks for voting to assure you that the vote went through

      • 11 Mary Monroe

        nvmm loll i got it

  6. 12 Nathasia

    I just vote for you.
    You are THE best good luck.

  7. 13 MakeUpNaive

    Done voting and yes they CONFIRM my vote… And oh did i say i did this at 3:30 am? Lol

  8. 14 rmrmrm8387

    voted and confirmed….
    u will win cause ur the best …
    good luck

  9. 15 Richa

    Huda is número UNO !!!


  10. 16 hadeel

    Done done done

  11. 17 zozo

    huda is the best # 1

  12. 18 Mishly

    You have my vote always and forever love .. You surely are the world’s best make up artist not just DUBAI ❤

  13. 19 sal

    Done, al the best 😉

  14. 20 Tammy

    Voted! All the best.
    Tell me when you win will celebrate ^.~ LoL

  15. 21 Julia Molina

    Just voted…you got this BABE!!!

  16. 22 Riya

    just voted for u huda, bless u honey

  17. 23 Najla

    Just voted and I`m going to tell my followers in Twitter to vote for you. .YOU DESERVE IT HUDIE.

  18. 24 Dalal

    Hello u r the best hud a good luck

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