My Favorite Delicious Body Wash!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Nothing beats skin that smells delicious naturally! And ok, using body washes that make your skin smell good, might not be natural, but it’s pretty amazing to NOT need perfume! This body wash rocks on so many levels! I love the way it leaves my body super soft and hydrated, but what I love the most is the smell it leaves on my skin! It may very be the most delicious, but clean smell I’ve ever smelt! Ok, I’m going to be honest, this is my favorite MID range body wash, but it honestly is amazing! My favorite drugstore body wash is still the Clean on Me from Soap & Glory and I have yet to find a luxury one worth the dough 🙂 This one is a DEFINITE one every girl must try! It won’t disappoint! You will love it!!



7 Responses to “My Favorite Delicious Body Wash!”

  1. 1 husna fasy

    great wanna try this……..where can i get this in uae?

    • 2 Manal


  2. 3 MKK

    thanx huda
    Husna fasy you will fin it in Sephora in dubai mall
    i saw it there

    • 4 husna fasy

      thanx ladies….:))

  3. 5 Sobia

    I wish philosophy didn’t use parabans in their products. I’ve have amazing grace’s perfume and it smells great!

  4. 6 Chrissy

    Philosophy products are usually great. At least all the products I have tried.

  5. Philosophy is available at Sephora world wide! I got mine at the Sephora in Dubai Mall! Xx

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