Would You Wear It?!! Hair Vajazzle!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know most of us saw the craziness with the Vajazzle, and while only a view tried and loved it, I’m really surprised to see them expanding! The Hair Vajazzle has been the latest to join the collection, and honestly it’s not that bad–if you’re going to a toga party or if you want to dress up as Cleopatra! Other than that, I’m not sure I have the right kind of event to ever wear one of these styles on my hair! It looks nice on the girl with the blond bob, but I find it hard to match with just any hair style! What do you guys think, would any of you wear this and to where?! Takes guts!


12 Responses to “Would You Wear It?!! Hair Vajazzle!”

  1. 1 Shehneela

    y not on halloween! lol

  2. 2 zahraa parez

    Its hot! But will suit blondes more!

  3. 3 MakeUpNaive

    My future wedding perhaps? But not too much, it really take guts to pull it off though.. Huda please make a slideshow for your blog’s pics, pretty please? Your blog is my new bedtime story book! 💋

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    so tacky, not a chance lol

  5. 5 Diana

    looks awful and attracts attention for all the wrong reasons (cheap, too much bling). wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wants their personality to shine, not their hair, apart from the above mentioned dress-up parties.

  6. 6 Sarah

    I have lots of curls, and I think jewels glistening between the coils could actually look really pretty…

  7. That looks absolutely awful. Plus it sounds like a vaginal cream or something. Lmao. It’s just all wrong. Horribly wrong.

    • 8 nicolemarie

      LOL i was going to say the same thing about the cream ahahha. and too tacky. not for me

      • Lol what were they thinking with this one??

  8. 10 Tee

    it’s pretty…for a glamourous evening… but if it’s not on your vajayjay maybe they should have called those hairjazzles if they are for the hair…instead of everyone thinking your have vajazzles in their hair :-p

  9. not really, maybe for little girls playing dress ups!

  10. 12 Sammi

    Isn’t it called bedazzle? I’m pretty sure vagazzle is when they do the vajayjay parts only lol Unless they want vag jewels on their heads?

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