Beauty GALORE at Cannes!!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

While the Billboard awards were lacking in beauty, it seems as though all the makeup artist and beauty gurus were off in Cannes to help celebs get ready! Seriously, everyone BROUGHT IT! I hate to post too many red carpet moments, unless they deserve it and Cannes DESERVES it! Nearly everyone in Cannes looked amazing, although I will say WTH is up with Kim Kardashian’s shoes?! Other than that everyone was pretty flawless! Which look was your fav?! Any looks you want to see?


9 Responses to “Beauty GALORE at Cannes!!!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    what was up with Kim K’s entire outfit that’s the question lol I think kanye is rubbing off on her, deff not a good look. So many celebs looked FAB at the event! I’m not sure which look I’d want to see but I did like the 3rd to the last picture.. brighter lips kind of look

  2. 2 Anat.

    agree! kim looked like a walking disaster!! which is so not her!! other than that everyone looked so elegent & classy! its cannes ,. kim choosed such a bad day to look awful.

  3. 3 husna fasy

    i second that with Mary Monroe. kim k looks totally disaster for me…other celebs looks fab…..and i love the look of lana and melissa george..

  4. 4 nihad

    hi huda 🙂 im a new mom. i have a 3 months old girl, and as u know new moms dont get enough sleep.. the result: pale skin and serious dark cirles under my eyes! can you please do a “new mommy” tutorial on concealing dark circles and how can i get a glow through makeup? i would really appreciate your help.. 🙂

  5. I also have to say WTH is up with Salma Hayek eye makeup? I don like it!!!!

  6. 6 gloria

    I think everyone looked stunning and really did justice to cannes glam style and makeup —- apart from cheril cole which looked orange and tired and Kim k looks so plastic faced and uncomfortable…its true kanyes trying to make her more trendy and edgy but it doesnt suit her

  7. 7 E_T

    I loved most of the looks!but Kim K has had better days,I hated the hair and the shoes

  8. 8 Huma Gull

    Hi Huda. Can please do Salma Hayek look. Its amazing. Xxx

  9. 9 zeintabbara

    Hi Huda, please to the Salma Hayek look, it’s gorgeous!
    Don’t forget to check out my blog!

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