Friday Favs | Drugstore Favorites!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Unless you’re Karl Lagerfeld or Paris Hilton, most of us have all been to a drugstore or hypermarket some time in our life! With all the amazing products you can actually find there, I’ve become pretty obsessed with flocking through the isles to find the newest grooviest products! Honestly, most of them don’t exactly take the cake, but luckily I have found some brands that are pretty good at making kick ass products! Here are some of my FAAAAVORITE products that I simply cannot function without! 🙂

PS Happy Friday! Xx

Rockin’ Rimmel!

I really do love drugstore beauty products, but for some reason, finding a lipstick has been hard! I have found glosses galore, eyeliners, nail varnishes and even foundations, but for some reason Click Here to Read More!

Is it Hot in Here?

I have to admit, when I first got this body scrub, I had mixed reviews! When I saw it in the store, I was blown away by it’s delicious fragrance–it’s literally one of those scrubs that you kinda wonder if it tastes as good as it smells! Lol, don’t worry I didn’t eat it! Click Here to Read More!

Fresh to Death! Hair with BODY!!

I am soooo excited because when it comes to dry shampoos, this is definitely one of my favs! Ok, let’s start with some honestly first: I don’t Click Here to Read More!



3 Responses to “Friday Favs | Drugstore Favorites!”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    great post<3!

  2. 2 BeautyGlam

    Huda babe! I’m looking to buy a really good loose powder! I remember you mentioned the Lancome Teint Miracle loose powder before and said how amazing it was 🙂 Would you recommend that or the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder? Xxx

    Thanks love <3<3

  3. 3 Alia

    Huda habeebi i want to give u a BIG HUG for all your amazing recommendations and advices i LITERALLY have everything you recommended i have a section in my room filled up with products you have posted in your blog. your 1 beauty consultant who i would give my full trust with and i know you would not recommend products out of advertisements they are all tested then posted. i cant express my love for you and you deserve all the best. if it was in my hand i wouldnt just nominate you as best makeup artist in Dubai i would nominate you as best makeup artist in the WORLD. !! whenever we can purchase your lashes (that i would love to try on) please let us now. I LOVE U A KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

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