Tried & Tested | Elemis Lime & Ginger Body Scrub


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I think we all know by now, that beauty can sometimes be an illusion! Our skin may look soft but feel awful! For me, I have SERIOUSLY dry skin and unless I take really good care of it, it is super dry and rough (and yes, I’ve even seen scales before, but thankfully not in a looong time). When I first got the Lime & Ginger Body Scrub from Elemis I was kind of unsure, it looks kind of dry when you open it–just like a mix of salts and minerals. My manicurist first reaction when she saw this was, what did you do with the oil?! After trying it, I was blown away with not only how well it smoothed away dead skin but how incredibly SOOOOOFT it left my skin!

It does have a light oil inside, but it’s just not drenched in it! Once you make your skin a little damp, apply the scrub and work it into your skin! It almost emulsifies into your skin and the scrub really works wonders at getting rid of rough spots! The lime and ginger mix in this make it a great energizing scrub as well! My first thought after I started to use this was, how can I recreate this! Still haven’t got it just yet, but I am in love with this!! Like seriously loving it!

Elemis Lime and Ginger Scrub

Elemis Lime and Ginger Scrub

Elemis Lime and Ginger Scrub


8 Responses to “Tried & Tested | Elemis Lime & Ginger Body Scrub”

  1. 1 Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    1This scrub is one of the best I’ve ever tried from Elemis!

  2. 2 reema

    I definitely need to try this! Where can you find Elemis products in Dubai? Also can you please do a skincare routine post or like your top picks for different skincare items (day, night moisturizer, …). with all the skincare products in the market it’s really difficult to know what is best. your feedback is very helpful ❤
    Thank you dear!

    • 3 Alia

      you can find it in sensasia spa(thevillage, palm jumeira or even MOE) !

    • 4 Alya

      I’ve seen it in debenhams 🙂

    • 5 Laurence

      Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall

  3. 6 Anahita

    Hi,thenk you,where can I find this product in Dubai?

  4. 7 Alia

    nothing feels better than trying products recommended by huda beauty<3

  5. 8 Bedoor


    U gonna find it in the blooming. In dubai mall.they have a big section of this brand.

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