Yaaay!!! I Won Best Makeup Artist in Dubai!! A HUGE Thank You!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi My darlings!!!

Ahhhhh!!! I am sooooo excited to find out this evening that I won Best Makeup Artist in Dubai at the Viva Beauty Awards! I was really up against such fierce competition, so this was truly an honor!! Thank you guys sooooooooooooooooo much for voting for me! You have no idea how much it means to me to have won such an amazing award and it’s all thanks to you!! I love you guys beyond belief and I really hope to share more exciting things within the world of beauty with you!


37 Responses to “Yaaay!!! I Won Best Makeup Artist in Dubai!! A HUGE Thank You!”

  1. CONGRATS:D You truely are amazing 🙂

  2. 2 Richa

    Your hard work, dedication, contribution, and wonderful personality is truly worth noting, and what better way than to be named the BEST MAKEUP ARTIST!

    You are amazing, and you have inspired people around the globe!!!

    Congrats once again!!

  3. 3 Ada

    Yaaaaay congrats!!!!! You deserve it! Thanks for keeping us informed and for being so sweet! Many blessings in the future!!

  4. CONGRATSSSS BABYYYYY!!!! Sooooo happyyyyyyyyy!!! Xx ❤

  5. 5 sal

    Huda you deserve the best, you managed to win the hearts of so many people who haven’t even met you personally, and am one of them.I love reading your blog it has become a daily routine for me , I hope to see you one day and that you would do my make up. Luv u and good luck.

  6. 6 MakeUpNaive

    Mabrook habibi! You deserve the tittle Huda. Reap the fruit of your hardwork and cheerish your truipmh! This is your moment and thank you for sharing it with us. My only wish is that you can do my wedding makeup next year? 😉 oh if only wishes do come true! Love all the way from the Philippines

  7. 7 Lina

    Congrats, mabrouk, felicitaciones…. Un abrazo….

  8. 8 Oasis

    Wow thats amazing, congrats, and good luck for the future may you win many more awards!, so happy for you ❤ !!! xxxxx

  9. 9 sandy

    congrats u deserve it

  10. 10 Farah

    Congrats!!!! You totally deserve it!! Love your youtube videos. You do a great job with contouring xxxxxx

  11. 11 Mary Monroe

    Congratulations lovee!!! The best news of the day, you deserve so much more Xo ..It’s wonderful to be a part of your success and watching you grow into the best you can be. You’ll always be my fav makeup artist! I love youu<3!!!

  12. 12 Maitha

    Gangratulation …..and because of this answer my emails please

  13. 13 Maitha

    Gangratulation …..and because of this answer me for consult.

  14. 14 BeautyGlam

    HUUUGE CONGRATS to the most talented makeup artist ever!!! I knew you would win haha 😉 You truly deserve it!! I’m soooo sooo happy for you and wish you even more success beautiful!! Love u madly! Xxxx

  15. 15 Sanam

    I knew you were going to win!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! u deserve this! keep on doing what you do best. wish you many many more successes. xxx

  16. yahooooooo!!! mabroook !! :))))

  17. Congrats hudaaaa you deserve ittt xxx
    Can you make a day to night eye tutorial using the naked 2 palette? 😀
    Would really appreciate it!

  18. 18 hadeel

    you are the best that’s why you won 🙂

    • Sah right she is professional 🙂

  19. Congratulations Huda! You’re so helpful and talented. You definitely deserve it!

  20. OMG!!! 😀 😀 You got it!! 😀 😀 You deserve all this and more my darling love you so much!!

  21. Congrats!

  22. 23 Alya M.

    Totally expected 😉 hehe congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 24 Sanaz

    Congratulations Huda!!

  24. 25 Nihal

    You worth it sweety 😉 xoxo

  25. 26 ه

    Mabrok 7abebty ….
    Wish the best for u always

  26. Mabrouk 1000 Mabrouk Huda 🙂

  27. 28 Reema

    You deserve it !’n I’m sooooooooo proud of you and soo happy for you<3333

  28. 29 Fatima

    Mabroooooooooooouk Huda.congrats you deserve it.
    and thank you so much for all your advise
    Fatima from Paris.

  29. 30 Sakia

    Congrats huda!!

  30. 31 Joanna


  31. 32 jojosbeautyguide


  32. 33 Najla

    Congrats love.

  33. 34 Aisha

    you really are the best thats why you deserve it dear
    CONGRATSSS love ❤

  34. Congrats Huda!!!!!

  35. 36 Misbah Shaikh

    you truely are amazing………. you deserve it…..congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  36. 37 amoon

    congrats Huda you deserve it honey ❤

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