What is BB Cream! Should You Get One?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’ve literally inundated with questions about BB Creams it’s been hard to even get to all of them! Everyone wants to know, what is a BB Cream and should every girl have one? Well, to answer that, I think it’s important first to understand what a BB Cream is!

What is a BB Cream?
I’ve known BB Creams to stand for Beauty Balm, which they do, but they also stand for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base, the meaning coming from it’s purpose! BB Creams are basically your all in one! They are your skincare, primer, foundation, illuminator and SPF in one! You can use them alone for sheer coverage or with foundation for more picture perfect skin.

Where did it come from?
They’ve been such a HUGE hit in Asia and now the rest of the world is pretty much obsessed with the term, it’s almost just trendy, but most people don’t know what it is. I have tried the Dior BB Cream, and although it’s the first one, and I am still in my experimental phase, I’ve noticed my skin reacts quite well. It’s like this super intense tinted moisturizer that I can build onto if I need! The one thing I do prefer with BB Creams is many of them do have a healing effect, so if you just had a breakout or your skin is sensitive and you want to avoid makeup, this is a great alternative!

Do you need one?
Honestly, as of right now, I think it’s more trendy, is it a must? That’s a tough question. So far, I am liking the results and the advantage of an all-in-one product, but it might still be too early to say it’s a must! If you are a girl on the go, then it’s a really awesome product to keep in your bag, but each BB Cream differs as far as advantages it offers. Some brighten the skin, some have anti aging effects, some heal skin, it really depends on the BB Cream you try. I will be doing a HUGE comparison on the popular BB Creams, but for now I’m loving the Dior BB Cream since it has really beautiful hydration!


17 Responses to “What is BB Cream! Should You Get One?”

  1. 1 Brocka

    I say yes, if you travel a lot & don’t want to carry all the separate products.

  2. 2 Jasmine

    i think that they might be here to stay. They are essential in MY makeup routine… 🙂

  3. 3 Priscilla Olivera

    Pleasel please please do a comparison on all BB Creams!!!

  4. 4 Jadebella

    I’ve tried some BB creams and I haven’t found one that I really like.. Not a must have for me..

  5. 5 Mary Monroe

    I’ve actually never heard of this product but it does sound amazing… is it less harsh than foundation?

  6. 6 MakeUpNaive

    BB cream are really just tinted moisturizers, the real ones are the Asian BB cream, so please inclide them on your test phase 💋

    • 7 Brocka

      ‘Some of the best Asian brands for BB creams are BRTC (Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic), Missha, Dr. Jart, SKIN79, Etude House and Hanskin; Dr. Jart has the second highest grade ingredients next to BRTC. Recently, big banners like Clinique, M·A·C, Dior and Estée Lauder have marketed their own versions of BB creams, too.

      There has been debates whether BB creams are the same as tinted moisturizers? The concept is somewhat similar but the ingredients and performance of the two products are very different. BB creams offer high levels of UVA/UVB protection (SPF 30-70), have less variety of shades (maybe 2-3), can treat skin conditions like acne, and most important, are much cheaper in price.’ (from a dermatologist site)

  7. 8 Suzan Sari

    Try clinique’s bb cream, I have been using it a lot lately and I’m loving it so far and I have really oily skin…….I’m really curious to hear your thoughts on it.

    • Suzan did you buy the Clinique BB cream in Dubai?

  8. Huda is the Dior BB the only one you can get here yet? I know Mac and Estee Lauder do them in the uk but can’t find any here :/ we are always the last to catch on! BTW congrats on your viva award well deserved!! X x x x

  9. 11 sal

    Huda I honestly like takeing ur opinion in anything related to beauty and makeup, for that I wanna ask you what do u think of mesoherapy treatment? Do u recommend it? I heared its good,aslo is there any clinic that you recommend?

  10. I would like to try the dior one!

  11. 13 Rach

    When I was in Malaysia I purchased Maybelline’s BB Cream just to try it and I can tell you it is truly gorgeous.
    If you have acne, it doesn’t cause you to break out (like some cream foundations do) – plus it also offers SPF protection.
    The only thing I would say is that it doesn’t offer thick coverage like a concealer would do, so it depends on how you want to use it.

    Think of a BB Cream as the middle ground between a tinted moisturiser (which does not cover imperfections, spots…etc.) and a solid cream foundation.

  12. Thanks I’ve been wondering what the heck was all the fuss about! You rock Huda!

  13. 15 Maitha

    Hi Huda
    I hate BB creams, I used it and it made my face black and dry.I think BB creams full of chemicals.. But I like the Korean makeup …I don’t know what are the secrets of the Korean ladies makeup…Huda could u help us to find the secrets of Korean ladies makeup

  14. 16 Sumaiyah

    I don’t wear make up, but if I were to wear make up, should I wear the BB cream alone, to make my skin better?

  15. 17 DulcetMichelle

    Hey Huda, the Estee Lauder BB Creme is a must try! I love it, it’s absolutely amazing! It has an SPF of 35 which is amazing because every women (and man) needs their SPF. I am sure you would like it too! Let me know how it works for you doll! -M-

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