I’m in Cyprus!!



Hi my loves!! Soooo it’s actually my anniversary today, so Chrissy Poo and I came to Cyprus for the weekend! We needed a break and I wanted a getaway before the new site launches very soon!! Will be sharing some photos with you guys, but I am really loving Cyprus right now!


14 Responses to “I’m in Cyprus!!”

  1. 1 Noha

    enoojoyyy and happy anniversary!!!

  2. 2 Shirley

    Happy b-day Huda!!!!!

  3. 3 crystal

    Aww. happy anniversary :] … enjoy it!!

  4. 4 Anya

    Cyprus is great! Happy anniversary!

  5. 5 Ada

    Awwww how precious!!!! Happy Anniversary hope you have fun! How many years?

  6. 6 Mary Monroe

    I’ve been wanting to ask you about the site I’m so anxious & excited to see it… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the both of you and many more years to come! I love you<3!!! Have a fab time 🙂

  7. 7 Elena

    Hudaaaaaaaaaa i dont believe it. where in cyprus?? i might be able to meet u.

  8. 8 BeautyGlam

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my love!!! Beautiful couple! Much needed vacation I’m sure! Hope you and your hubby have an awesome time!!! Love you to pieces! Xxx

  9. 9 Lia J.

    Happy anniversary Huda! Wishing you many more wonderful & memorable anniversaries to come 🙂 enjoy your weekend getaway with your hubby! Can’t wait for the new site to launch, yay!!!

  10. 10 Mishly

    Happy Anniversary… lots of love !! may you see alot of happiness, togetherness and understanding in life with ur hubby … God Bless..

  11. 11 randa

    hope u ll have good time have fun

  12. 12 suman

    happy anivarsary, hope u hav a gr8 tym 2getha and i think its nyc 4 u two 2 av a lil time off and relax woth eachanother, especially afta alot of hardwork going into ur blog and ur party. hav fun babes 🙂 xxx

  13. 13 khaoula.B

    Happy anniversary to the sweetest couple on earth , wish u a life full of love and happiness

  14. 14 Hanan

    Happy anniversary love! xx

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