Drugstore Product of the Week!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Yes, yes, I know! Body Hair!! It sucks!! I’ve told you guys maaany times how much I “love” dealing with body hair especially since I am super hairy! I have to say, I’m not really one into cream hair removal, but after hearing soooo many good reviews on the Veet Cream Hair Removal System, I thought I should try it! I had tried nearly every cream hair removal, but it had been literally a decade or more (yeah, I was hairy at birth)! OMG! I am soooo glad I tried it! I actually wanted to make sure my legs were smooth for my trip! Shaving usually gives me a day or two, but I wanted something that would keep me smooth for 4 or more days if possible! I wasn’t really in the mood to shave or epilate and definitely didn’t want to wax, soooo I thought I would give it a try!

OMG! Ok, first of all, they’ve made some improvements over the years! My hair was literally ready to go after 6 minutes and it came off so easy! It also left a really strange, but nice texture on my legs that made them feel UNBELIEVABLY silky, like the silkiest! Any areas that needed extra attention, I just shaved, but it got rid of everything which I was really happy about!

Now, the thing I loved the most about this product was the way my hair grew back! Ok, so it gave me maybe one more day than shaving, but when my hair grew back in it was soft–not coarse like it is after shaving! So you know what I skipped another day! It barely showed and it didn’t feel rough at all! I was very impressed and SOOO happy to have tried it! Seriously girls, you must try this!

The only thing I didn’t like is that the really nice silky feeling you have on your legs after using it is nice only the first day, afterwards I really just wanted to scrub it off, even though it was barely there anymore! Not really that big of a downfall, but if there were one, that would be it!


11 Responses to “Drugstore Product of the Week!”

  1. Wow, I want to try this one now. Sounds great, I have an epilator but Im too lazy to use it

  2. 2 a

    i used nair body hair removal spray cause it doesnt give that silky smooth feeling for days.. its just eww when your legs feel silky smooth and u have jeans onn!! -_-

  3. 3 BeautyGlam

    Sounds like a must try product!! Xxx

  4. 4 Mais

    why don’t you go for lazer hair removal. try silkor they are awesome…a bit expensive but worth every dirham…5-6 sessions and ur hair free forever

  5. I have tried this on two seperate occassions but my nozzle ended up getting clogged and I couldnt use it after the first use as it wouldnt let the products go through?!?

  6. 6 Danica


    When u use this, does it give u that itchy feeling when d hair grows back? Like how shaving does? That has left scars all over my legs cuz i cant bear d itch!

    Hope to hear from someone..


  7. 7 sara hamdan

    I use this and I know what you mean about the film on your legs but I still love this!

  8. 8 Mariam

    Huda, have you ever tried the halawa hair removal method? What do you think of it?

    • 9 Mais

      Mariam i was using the halawa for a long time, the only thing i dislike about it is that you have to wait until the hair is well grown to be able to remove it…it does not remove short and small hairs 😦
      waxing is better for this purpose…
      but when a lady told me that both halawa and waxing can cause the skin to become saggy and not firm with time (too much pulling and stretching) i stopped using both and went to lazer hair removal!

      • 10 Mariam

        Thanks so much for answering my question dear! I have used the halawa as well and I prefer it to waxing (less mess, fewer tools) but I agree that it does not pick up shorter hairs =/ but I like sticking to what is natural but now and again, I do have the temptation to just go down the lazer hair removal route! I wonder if there is any truth to the sagging claim? Scary.

  9. 11 um saeed

    Thanks huda for the review. I have a question : does it remove the hair from the roots or just the part that is over the skin? Thanks again

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