Travel Diary | Skin + Hair Products I can’t Live Without!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know it’s really hard to throw together two categories like this, but I really just want to post all the products now so I can start doing some new reviews, since I really have some amazing things I want to share with you guys! Ok, soooo I brought some amazing products with me!! Here they are!

1. Vaseline Total Moisture! If you haven’t tried the new and improved formula, then you must! My skin was soooo soft! I brought the Aloe Fresh for Chris since he was sunbathing and the Coco Butter for me!
2. Silk of Morocco Argan Oil, seriously the best I’ve ever used! I used it for my body and hair! LOOOVE it! Will never travel without it! I’m honestly loving this brand, almost everything from them has been incredible!
3. Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme! Chanel’s skincare has really surprised me! This is one of my favs pre makeup!
4. Bioderma Sensibo Makeup Remover, not surprised this is one of their best sellers! This product removes all makeup and is sooo gentle! I have a travel size just for when I travel!
5. Bioderma SPF, I actually use their 100 SPF, but couldn’t find it so I took the 50! It works really well and is sooo gentle! I don’t break out and still feel protected, which is really important!
6. My Sigma Brushes & Case! I know it’s makeup, but I wanted to stress that the Sigma Carrying case is by far the best for traveling! I always travel with two!
7. Braun Satin Hair 7 and Babyliss Curling Iron, these are by far the best I’ve found for straitening and curling! I’m obsessed with this flat iron because it makes my hair soooooo shiny! The Babyliss Curling Iron is the best non professional curling iron and does wonders for hair! I use it on everyone!
8. Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Creme and Ironless Serum, Nothing even comes close to these products! They make my hair look perfect even when it needs serious help!
9. Not pictured Philosophy Purity Face Wash, Merle Norman Face Wipes and Olay Eye Lifting Serum


20 Responses to “Travel Diary | Skin + Hair Products I can’t Live Without!”

  1. 1 Jasmine

    Do you know what’s the best, and cheapest foundation that’s easy to travel with? Thanks, and you look soooo pretty 😉

    • Hey babe! What’s your range? My favorite drugstore foundation is Max Factor Lasting Performance! I found it on It’s my favorite!

  2. 3 Maha

    THANK YOUUUU ill be getting the shea butter like tomorrow :* i was seriously considering brazilian keratin but after seeing ur pics i wont be going through that 😛

    • Please don’t!!! It RUINED my hair!!!! My sister Alya has been doing it for a year and she likes the results, but I honestly think it’s better to go natural and find the right products! It can be really risky! I had to spend a year reviving my hair!

  3. 5 Dana

    Which curling iron is it that you have? And do you think the wand is better? Absolutely love you blog learn so many new good things from it ❤

  4. 6 sarah

    hey huda, thanks for tips! where are the lashes from? they look amazing and so natural. love the make up too!

  5. what can you suggest for women with oily skin for pre-make up like moisturizer, face/eye primer that we can find here in dubai? thank you

  6. 8 sneha

    Hey huda, ive gone all natural(thanks to you, i religiously use tomatoes on my skin) and em basically using all natural raw products to heal myself namely my skin. so i threw out all my old products and am despretely in need of new products.
    My range is aprox 500 aed as im getting some things from bombay, like my costly foundation, loose powder and compact. Any suggestion about a good foundation for combination skin, i tried MANY drugstore brands and am not able to find my match. my colour is matt ginger #7 in the givenchy mattisime line.
    Could you please tell me how much the chanel hydra gel, body bling etc are for?
    im tired of the sap faced look some of the sa’s have when i ask them questions :\ not cool at all man!!!
    I am also getting a mac palette any colour suggestions for someone of a dusky hue ??
    Good work on the blog 🙂 keep it up

  7. 9 Menna

    thanks for the tips , i am a big fan of you .. please i want the number of Babyliss Curling Iron .

  8. 10 Mariam

    I don’t know if it is the angle at which the pictures are taken but your face looks really well sculpted. Are you still doing those face exercises you posted a long time back or is it something else? I want to know! =)

  9. I really want a sigma set and you raving about the travel case makes things no better lol

  10. 12 alia

    hi huda

    i really love your stuff , but can you tell me where can i find argan oil

  11. 13 Saima

    Where can I get the argan oil?…………

  12. 14 jess

    OMG you look so thin!!! Loook atchu ❤ If I didn't know already, I would have never been able to tell that you're a mom of 1!! thanks for the great post!

  13. Huda I wanna try Chanel face brand so bad but am torn between that and Dior! Also, I agree Fekkai is Amazeballz!! I love the green line and the shine spray and glossy crewmen make my daughters long gorg hair look so shiny and ya just wanna play with it lol. But she’s almost 24 se doesn’t let me do that much anymore it’s always just “mom can you straighten my hair?” lol kids

  14. 16 Marwa

    You are so kind Huda to share all these products with us, thanks 🙂

  15. 17 Cindy

    Omg I love these product review posts because I will know what works great! Soon I will go shopping & I know what to buy!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 🙂

  16. 18 Mary Monroe

    You look GORG as always… looks like you’ve lost weight love to hear about what your doing Xo These products all sound amazing, seems like perfect bunch to take along

  17. 19 Rinu

    Im pissed. Cant find vaseline eventone lotion in US. Had a layover in abu dhabi. Boots didnt have it. What do i do!

  18. 20 Veronika

    Huda, what eyelashes are you wearing in those pics? They look awesome on you! 🙂

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