Vitamin HB | DIY Super Whitening Toothpaste!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

If eyes are the window to the soul, then the smile is definitely the front door, lol! Nothing is more beautiful in EVERY sense of the word than a warm smile! Honestly, nowadays ANYONE can have a perfect smile and not everything requires a visit to the dentist! I recently came across this recipe for a DIY Whitening Toothpaste and I was pretty impressed–the results are almost immediate! After just a week of daily use, you will notice some serious brightening!



baking soda
3% hydrogen peroxide
mint extract

Mix just enough baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get a paste, then add a drop off the mint extract and mix. Apply to your tooth brush and brush! This is great at not only removing tough stains, but it will seriously whiten and eliminate ALL odors including bad breath!



21 Responses to “Vitamin HB | DIY Super Whitening Toothpaste!”

  1. where can we get the hydrogen peroxide from?

  2. 2 Aya Elamine

    Where do I get the hydrogen peroxide & mint extract from?

    • I got my hydrogen perdoxide from a pharmacy on beach road, but every one has it! I got my mint extract from Spinney’s and I’ve seen them in Choitram’s too, you can do without it, if you can’t find it!

  3. 4 Meera

    Huda! you’re a mind reader! I was just about to search for teeth whitening remedies! Where can I find the hydrogen peroxide? is it available at pharmacies?

    • 5 Sabrina

      Boots has it 🙂

    • Hi darling! Yes, I found my hydrogen peroxide in a really dinky pharm, so it should be available at any one! Lol! 🙂

  4. 7 BeautyGlam

    Sounds easy! Can’t wait to try this!! Xxx
    Question Hudiee..How do u like the Chanel loose powder I wanna get it but I wanted to know if you like it first? Do u recommend it?

    • Hi darling! I like it, it’s one of my favorite, not my #1, but it is really nice! I like the Smashbox Halo more, honestly!

      • 9 BeautyGlam

        Ill get the Smashbox Halo then!! Thank you honey! Xx

  5. 10 dana

    seems easy will be trying this one for sure

  6. 11 Lubna16

    Hydrogen peroxide?? Where?

  7. 12 yaz

    this is awesome im so trying it! check this out as well many uses of baking soda!

  8. 13 ayl

    is this technic healthy to the theeths

  9. 14 amoon

    where will i find the hydrogen peroxide and the mint extract?

  10. 15 Haneen

    hii, i am a pharmacist , it is good remedie, but you must consider meny points. first use low concentration hydrogen peroxide 3% for example because high conc. may cause gum irritation, don’t use this mix more than 2 time a week for one month and then once a week is enough, mint only to improve mouth odour only but odour is an indicator for a problem in your teeth, good luck girls ❤

  11. 16 Alyson Green

    been doing this for years but i don’t use the mint

  12. 17 Sakia

    Great post is this better then strawberry paste?

  13. 18 Mary Monroe

    sounds interesting will do try!

  14. 19 sandy

    thanx huda i drink lots of coffee, i need to do whitening

  15. 20 Priscilla Olivera

    Nice! I’ve been wanting to whiten my smile but I don’t want to do the strips since they take off your enamel! Thanks!

  16. How do you come up with these amazing do it yourself ideas? Lol. This sounds perfect. I was looking into bleaching or trying some whitening strips but I’m definitely going to give this a go first!

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