YSL’s GORGEOUS Spring Nails!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

When I first saw these nail polishes my first thought was “OMG!” These polishes are incredibly gorgeous for summer, and they are super beautiful in the bottle, but they look even more stunning on! I wore the Fuchsia on my trip and I literally got soooo many compliments, I didn’t want to take it off! I love these colors for summer, every single one of them is GORG!!


18 Responses to “YSL’s GORGEOUS Spring Nails!”

  1. 1 BeautyGlam

    OMG is right!! These colors look absolutely gorgeous!!! My favorite is the corail and fuchsia!! Love them! Xxx

  2. 2 Diana

    The golden one has a terrible texture. Looks dirty. The orange and the pink one look sleek.

    • It pictured terribly, honestly it was GORG! I will wear it in a video soon so you guys can see how it looks!

  3. Oooh pretty! Wish I could afford those!

    • My hands down favorite Drugstore polish is Revlon and Sally Hansen! They have awesome colors!!

  4. 6 Mary Monroe

    wow i love these colors they do really look great on!

  5. 7 Hafsa

    Coral Colisee is a gorgeous shade; that’s been one of favourite nail polishes this summer so far!

    • TDF!!!

  6. hudie please please please do a makeup storage video, it would be very very helpful

  7. 10 Nihal

    they’re really amazing…. Huda, I’m looking for a nail polish which is really golden, it’s like you’re appling gold on ur nails. Do you a nail polish that can give you this effect? Xoxo

  8. All of them are gorgeous but I’m absolutely loving fuchsia and corail colisee!

  9. 12 Priscilla

    why do you leave space when you paint your nails from your cuticle? do you have a nail polish tutorial..?

    • Generally it’s neater when you leave a space, but mine might be there because it was the end of the night! Haha, please don’t judge my paint job, I had just put the little one to sleep! lol

      I don’t have a tutorial for nails, but if this is something you guys want to see, let me know! Xx

  10. 14 Annie

    the question is.. how long do they stay on? i have weird nails. if i put anything other than Sally i lose the polish the next day… so far, Sally got it for 5/6 days… should i go the extra mile and try YSL?

    • You should definitely start by applying a nail polish remover, this way any oils that are there will be eliminated and you will get a super long lasting mani! But I tend to use two top coats to make sure it will stay all week long and look perfect! I would keep it longer than a week, but nails grow out and then it doesn’t look nice, plus it’s fun to change it up!
      Honestly, most polishes last the same amount of time, some are better formulated but if you do the right steps before hand, then you can really enjoy a long mani! I’ll be honest, Sally Hansen does make quality polishes, so the only reason why I would go for a luxury polish like YSL or Chanel or D&G is the color! The only polish I avoid is Orly, it just peels right off!

  11. 16 Oasis

    Ahhhh i luv all of these… so want theses haha. hey huda! i was wondering when will you be replying to the email?… thanks ❤ xx

  12. 17 Michelle

    Your nails are gorgeous! You know how to do your polish so well. I’m a teenage mother and I make as much time as I can to read your blog. You inspire me to make time for myself because your a mother too and you always look AMAZING.

    Lots of love,
    Your #1 fan, Michelle

  13. Corail is gorgeous! LOVE!

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