Vitamin HB | 5 Beauty Shortcuts Every Girl Needs to Know!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Let’s be honest, every woman out there wishes she had a glam squad! Someone for makeup, skin, hair, and miscellaneous beauty issues that pop up. Well guys, guess what?! You have one! ME! 🙂 Ok, so I might not be able to be there with you all of the time, but I can definitely give you tips on how to look and feel your best! One of the really important things to understand is that beauty can be used SOOOO many ways! Here are a few of my favorite beauty emergency tips, you can use anywhere!

  1. Use Your Hair Serum as Body Oil! If you didn’t pack an oil, don’t worry. Simply pump a few squirts of your favorite hair oil and use it to replace your body oil and condition your skin! It will add super shine and silkiness to your body!
  2. Baby Powder for Volume & Dry Shampoo! If you need some added volume and don’t have any dry shampoo around, simply add a small amount of baby powder to your roots and shake upside down! Give it a good blow dry and go! Works wonders!!
  3. Treat Blackheads with Olive Oil! Olive Oil is one of the best ways to create gorgeous skin! All you need to do is apply Olive Oil to your face and apply a warm compress. Let it sit for 10 minutes and go!
  4. Stay Smooth Everywhere! One of the most annoying things after you wax or shave is worrying about bumps! The easiest thing to do is to use witch hazel and cleanse the area! It super effective and gentle! It will clean bacteria and ensure that the area stays smooth!
  5. Cinnamon Bronzer! Running low on bronzer, no worries, try using some cinnamon as a substitute! Simply apply a small amount on a brush and work it into the area!

15 Responses to “Vitamin HB | 5 Beauty Shortcuts Every Girl Needs to Know!”

  1. 1 MKK

    i’ll try
    thanx (:

  2. where can i find witch hazel here in Dubai ?

  3. 3 Yasmeen

    Hey Huda!

    I love love your site. I literally have a binder filled with beauty advice. I have a question what is witch hazel and where can I find it?

    • Hi darling! Thank you!! :)) Witch hazel is a really great natural toner made from a plant that is super gentle! You can get it at any pharmacy!

  4. Awesome tips Huda!

  5. 6 Nida


  6. I’m in! Love your tips and tricks, as I’m never too old to start learning again! Thanks!

  7. 8 Mary Monroe

    I’m so glad to have you! Xoxo 🙂 love all the tips as alwayss

  8. 9 zein

    Thx for the tips Huda!!

  9. great tips!

  10. 11 Tammy

    What do u mean with witch hazel??!
    Where can we find it?

  11. 12 ه

    Huda. What is witch hazel!!؟؟

  12. 13 Lia J.

    Thanks Huda! We couldn’t have asked for a more amazing glam squad, you are THE BEST!

  13. 14 Shaima.S

    Wow! That’s so great ! Thanks Hoodie xx

  14. Such great tips!! Thank you Huda!!

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