Tried & Tested | Envy Derm Lash Serum


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s no secret I LOOOOVE lashes! I know I’ve told most of you guys I’m launching my own false lash collection (which I can’t wait to share with you guys), but seriously growing up with a family of gorgeous lashes and not having any, really makes you obsess over them! Even my brother has amazing lashes, my sister’s always says, “well at least you’re funny”, lol! I loove wearing false lashes, but I been on the quest to find something that will make my lashes look nice while I’m at home! A client of mine turned me on to Latisse, but after reading thoroughly into the reviews I saw that most lash enhancers including Latisse, Revitash and RapidLash cause dark circles, like SERIOUS dark circles! Soooo, I decided my dark circles were dark enough and I definitely didn’t want to make them darker!

So after much hesitation, I decided to try Envy Derm Nightime Growth Serum, since it had really great reviews online and I didn’t find anything about dark circles anywhere! I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the full 6 weeks, it’s been just 2 weeks now, but I’ve noticed a huge difference! My lashes are fuller, longer and more dense which I really love! They even look longer and slightly more curly, but I have no idea how that happened! It’s full of ingredients like B5 and Keratin which help lashes improve in strength and also improve the growth of lashes. I’m really impressed because I’ve seen really drastic results in such a short period of time with no darkening! Yaay to pretty lashes! There is honestly NO reason why anyone can’t have gorgeous lashes!

Envy Derm is available online in the Middle East from Citruss TV, online in the states from


8 Responses to “Tried & Tested | Envy Derm Lash Serum”

  1. 1 Sakia

    I forgot which one i used it gave me ridiculous dark circles I looked like a zombie so I threw it away. It worked but wasnt worth it

  2. This sounds like a dream. I would kill for longer, fuller lashes!

  3. 3 BeautyGlam

    Omgosh I love youuuuu! This is what I need! Thanks for informing us about this because I was always hesitant to try out lash enhancers because of the fact they cause dark circles! 😦 But I will definitely be purchasing this one!!!! Xxx

  4. 4 sandy

    thank u sooooo much. is it available in australia, pls let me know. thank u

  5. 5 Erika

    Please post some before and after pics once the 6 weeks are over, it would be so helpful ! Thanks for the many posts and great vids, I really do appreciate what u do! Xoxo Erika

  6. 6 Ada

    Ahhhhhh!!! Thank you Hoooda love your life!! I used RapidLash it did me well but makes sense why I have dark circles now! It’s not hereditary and def popped uP after I used it never knew 😦

  7. 7 caitlin

    I loooove eyelashes… I recently tried a lash and brow growth accelerator by Ardell and it is AMAZING!

  8. 8 Jeje

    i found it on amazon with a better price do u think thats a gd sstep to take ?

    jeje xx

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