Vitamin HB | Super Easy Celebrity Hair Mask!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

No one knows beauty like celebs! They are exposed to some really incredible beauty secrets and tips and of course it’s my job to try every single one of them! I just recently read a DIY hair mask by a really beautiful Spanish actress and HAD to try it! First of all, it’s sooo easy and the results are GORGEOUS!! My hair was silky, shiny and felt soooo smooth!



1 avocado smashed
1/4 cup sweet almond

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and apply directly to your hair! Wrap with seran wrap and let sit for minutes. Wash and style as usual!


12 Responses to “Vitamin HB | Super Easy Celebrity Hair Mask!”

  1. 1 sandy

    can u tell me what is sweet almond, where its available. thank u dear

    • I think she may mean sweet almond oil maybe.

  2. 3 ه

    Hi huda. Thank u for this tip ?my hair is so damage !it need these tips

  3. 4 salma

    Hi huda , i need this tip my hair is soooo damage 😦

  4. 5 Maitha

    Hi Huda
    Yesterday I saw your hair. It is shiny and healthy Could you tell us what is your hair routine ?

  5. 6 ه

    Huda. What is do u think about Japanese collagen powder and which kind of multi- vitamins do u use??!!!

  6. 7 BeautyGlam

    Will definitely try it this week!!! Thanks a million Hudhud!! Xxx

  7. 8 Amanie

    I have oily hair it is so disgusting & frustrating people actually think I don’t wash it ! I am desperate 😦
    can you please give us some tips & hair masks that work thnx Huda you re the best ❤

  8. Greet to Beauty outline

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  9. 10 Mary Monroe

    sounds great

  10. i wana ask u about the olive oil is there any great mask that can make from it

  11. 12 Hinna

    Hy huda Plz Plz Plz tell me any mask which can stop my hair frm falling…it’s been 4 months now my hair are falling frm roots…pls let me knw mask or any vitamin that can stop my hair frm falling ….Plz rply me must…thx

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