Are Caviar Nails the Coolest Thing Since Minx?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

When I first saw the ad campaign for the Ciate Caviar nails one word came to mind: HAAAUUTE!!! Of course they are super gorgeous, but a lot of times ad campaigns just show beautiful pictures with the kits are impossible to use! I was a bit worried when I saw beads, I kept imaging beads falling around everywhere! After I applied a top coat I was shocked at just how well these actually stayed on! Very easy to use and stays on pretty well! I must say, I am impressed!

I loooove the black color, but I must warn you if you only apply one coat, the nail polish could show through, check out the white one I did below, I only did one coat and you can see the strokes! Make sure you do two!!

Available in the UAE at Sisters Salon, US at Sephora, UK & Europe Ciate online


22 Responses to “Are Caviar Nails the Coolest Thing Since Minx?”

  1. wow, so hot! in love!!!

  2. 2 bysaramattar


  3. 3 mary monroe

    Wow they look awesome! I also like the white pearls very prettyy

  4. Can you do a tutorial on these please? 🙂

  5. 5 Bungee

    Well, honestly I don’t like it….Think it’s only good for editorials and fashion events, but not for every day….

    • 6 sandy

      tell u the truth i didnt like it bcoz its nt practical.

  6. 7 Angel

    How long do they last? I wanted to try it but there are so many bad reviews on

  7. 8 Sarah

    Are they expensive?

  8. 9 BeautyGlam

    I’m sooo loving it!!!!

  9. I love this. It’s gorgeous!

  10. 11 Jasmine

    TOTALLY LOVING THE WHITE!! how much do they cost?

  11. 12 Alya M.

    Omg…LOVE. IT. The search has begun… :p

    • 13 Alya M.

      On the other hand…many reviews state that the little beads come off really easily and won’t even last you through the night…did you experience that too, Huda??

  12. 14 Ewelina

    Wow, I like the white one, crazy idea for wedding 😉

  13. 15 Anna

    The Caviar Manicure states that it will last 48 hours, but i have been wearing for over a month now and the last 3 to 4 days, then any gaps you can reapply the base coast and add more beads or you can start again. Each set has enough for 30 applications.

    The application is supper easy, the instructions from Ciatè are apply the 1st base and let it dry, after applying the 2nd base colour poor on the beads, remove any excess from the edges and immediately pat the beads down lightly, The top coat then is only needed to seal the edge. If applied in the way it will stay 3 to 4 days, some beads may fall but not many. I find if you apply a lot of beads then, it is practical there is no snagging of beads being caught in hair etc as some reports state. However, it depends on the look you are going for, if you want more of the base showing, for example with the rainbow, the pink looks nice showing through.
    For me the white is my fav as it really catches the light in bright sunshine or artificial light and looks iridescent .
    The Caviar stock is on its way and will launch exclusively with Sephora in the Region, Sisters in the UAE and on Citruss TV. No one has stock yet. The lunch will be on the 1st July.
    A x

  14. 16 Lulu

    Huda i called sisters and they said they dont have it and they dont even know the price yet.also they dont know when they gonna recieve it

    • I know that Polished Spa in Sharjah has them the paint pots, and caviar!

  15. Strange>> i asked Sisters and they said they dont have the caviar nail polish right now

  16. 19 salOOOma


  17. 20 Princess Salma

    love i t

  18. 21 bushra ahli

    hi from where can i get it

  19. 22 divinerituals

    So how long do the pearls stay on & hold up to hand washing? Show us pics of your,nails again after a few days please Huda :0) Thanks for all you do!

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