Celebs Who Get Wiggy with It


By Huda Heidi Kattan

It always seems that if you were born in Hollywood, you are born with perfect skin and hair! Maybe it’s the water, but more than likely it’s the team of beauty experts around them giving them just the right amount of help that each girl needs, and of course a lot of that help comes in the form of HAIR! One of the things I love about LA is the CRAZY amount of wig shops everywhere! You can literally get whatever wig you want! I’ve heard before of the wig rooms owned by JLo and Beyonce, and I honestly would LOOOVE to spend a day there! Have you ever worn a wig?


7 Responses to “Celebs Who Get Wiggy with It”

  1. 1 MakeUpNaive

    Tyra banks all the way!! She looks beautiful and doll-like in each wiggy! 💋

  2. 2 suroor

    God I dont like nicki minaj at all :-/, she is very over rated !!

  3. 3 Sabrina

    They all use front lace wigs

  4. 4 Mary Monroe

    I’ve never worn a wig … I feel like it’s so fake, but I’ve realized many celebs do rock them & they make it look real

  5. Tyra and Beyonce are the queens of wigging it lol. They always look fabulous though!

  6. 6 Jasmine

    i don’t think i have ever seen a picture of nicki minaj looking natural and beautifull ;(

  7. 7 Hanan

    I think I’m about to have a panic attack! WHAT!? You mean my hair idol, JLo, wears wigs!? ARGH!

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