Does GaGa’s Perfume REALLY Have Her Own Blood in It?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

As soon as I heard Lady GaGa was set to jump on the celeb-perfume bandwagon, I jumped! I couldn’t wait to get one—NOT! Ok, I love GaGa and I think she’s really fun and her costumes are really fashion forward and slightly bizarre, but she wouldn’t be my first choice for a celebrity perfume! I honestly am not a huge fan of celebrity perfumes (although I will say, Kim Kardashian’s second fragrance was seriously good even though it almost a 100% copycat of Cacheral)! Even though I have tried nearly all of them, most of them don’t do much for me, and GaGa for some reason turned me off when I heard it could smell like blood or possibly other body fluids, not sure why I wasn’t in to it.

Now that it’s finally here (almost, it will officially launch in August this year), we are getting more of an idea of what GaGa has in store for her little monsters. Weeeelll for starters I will say the bottle is wickedly cool! It definitely is very GaGaesque and the fact that the perfume itself is black is interesting, although it is supposed to turn clear once it hits your skin. Now the scent is interesting…it doesn’t actually smell like blood, or any other body fluid, but it has been said that the fragrance will make every girl smell like “an expensive hooker”. Hmmm, ok. Well, I’m definitely intrigued and guessing it must be SUPER alluring, now here’s the catch–it’s actually made with Lady GaGa’s blood, so not sure if I want to mist anyone’s blood on me, even Mother Moster. What do you guys think, would you try it?


21 Responses to “Does GaGa’s Perfume REALLY Have Her Own Blood in It?”

  1. 1 sara hamdan

    on word yuck

  2. 2 Nu Nu

    OMG NO! this is the most bizzaarreeee thing iv heard!!

  3. 3 CHinnu

    Really scary knowing some people will actually try it

  4. 4 Hanan

    It’s gotta be a sick joke/gimmick. Blood out of a lab is definitely illegal!

  5. 5 Diana

    Of course it’s not her blood! 🙂 human body contains 5 liters of blood, so she would have been dead by now if it was. I am sure that it’s a PR trick to let her fans get a “piece” of her and I think it’s genious, as ask her campaigns off the stage. As a disclosure, I am not a fan of her voice but I am a huge fan of her as a business woman.

    • 6 lauren riner

      I think she was joking about the blood thing because its legal and u never know the government always put bad stuff in are hair protucts, foods, etc. This might be a rumor or its a joke. But I’m not sure cuz I just heard about this last night.

  6. 7 Tammy

    God where ever Gaga name appear there is seriously a big turn off for me. I find her fasion to be very offensive. And that idea of the perfum is just gross.

  7. 8 Tammy

    God where ever Gaga’s name appear there is seriously a big turn off for me. I find her fasion to be very offensive. And that idea of the perfum is just gross.

  8. 9 Melisa

    I”m pretty sure its not made with her blood. 1. It would stain clothes no matter how little it is 2. There’s no way it would turn clear when it goes on the skin & 3. Gaga would be dead right now!

  9. 10 Jadebella

    I don’t want to catch hepatitis or AIDS lol but that’s really gross! I don’t care what celebrity you are I’m not spraying anyone’s blood on me lol

  10. 11 Richa

    Sounds bizarre. Lol

  11. 12 Sakia

    Who does she think she is?

  12. 13 Sarah


  13. 14 divinerituals

    Absolutely not! Even if I thought it smelled nice probably not. The blood reference is a major turn off even if its just for attention… Waaaaayyyyyyyy too Gothic for me… Lets stay chic like Charlize Theron for Dior. When I spritz myself with something I want pleasant thoughts, not ones of negativity, blood, & death. :0)

  14. 15 Dr Muna

    Blood!!!! If it is true, think about infectious diseases!!!! Thats disgusting!
    Plus this is not a smart move from Gaga’s marketing team, people will be scared to buy the perfume, it would be a total failure!

  15. Wouldnt try it too weird!

  16. 17 zeintabbara

    Is it true that there is real blood?? :O

  17. as such i dont like her and her fashions, useless. perfume…….. forget it

  18. 19 Princess Salma

    omg thaaaaaaats baaaaaaaaad , the bottler its amazing and everything but plz who gonna buy a perfume wd blood on it

  19. 20 MakeUpNaive

    Sure easy way of acquiring communicable disease, not that im saying she has AIDS/ HIV or any of them but hey its the WORST NO No in the medical field!💋

  20. 21 salama

    I didnt like it at all.
    It’s something i wouldnt spend my money on, especially perfumes, i spend hours trying to choose the best..

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