My Favorite Nude Lips!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

Hi my loves!! So a bunch of you have asked me to do a favorite nude lips video! Here it is!!! Hope you guys like it!! ♥♥♥


9 Responses to “My Favorite Nude Lips!”

  1. 1 Reem

    Request Fav summer lipsticks pleaaase!

  2. love the look in the video!

  3. 3 E_T

    Hudaaa I cannot help myself but comment on every post u are seriously gorg and very sweet !but plz I would like to asku if u can post how do we transform our make up from winter to summer!much appreciated lots of love ❤ 😀

  4. 4 zeintabbara

    Love the vid! Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. 5 meme

    Hi Huda
    Can we get Nars lipsticks here in Dubai??
    They don’t sell it in Saks anymore 😦

    • 6 zuhra

      faces hv nars

      • 7 meme

        Do you know which branch?

    • 8 zuhra

      mall of the emirates

  6. 9 Ifz

    the video had some awesome recommendations, but your makeup looks flawless, it left me wondering what makeup your wearing?!? u shud just start listing ur makeup for every video u do! lol thanks for the tips !

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