Vitamin HB | SUPER Easy Dark Circle & Depuff!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I honestly think I get about 4-5 hours of good sleep on an average night! Of course makeup helps, but nothing really beats gorgeous bright natural eyes! I’m obsessed with home remedies for depuffing as they have SERIOUSLY helped me! This is a super easy way to get rid of dark circles and bags all in one! It’s sooooo easy and it really works!! Enjoy! 🙂

Using a cold cucumber, slice into pieces and soak in sweet almond oil. Let site for 10 minute before removing. Then apply over eyes for 10-15 minutes and remove! You can do this daily, this is especially great in the morning!


8 Responses to “Vitamin HB | SUPER Easy Dark Circle & Depuff!!”

  1. 1 Najla

    What does Almond oil do exactly ? gonna try it for sure.

  2. I need to get my hands on some sweet almond oil. It’s an ingredient in like every mask and scrub I see online lol

  3. 3 Yomaris

    Looking forward to trying it lack of sleep is an issue for me as well thank you for ALL of your useful & practical info & tips!!

  4. 4 BeautyGlam

    Awesome recipe! This is what I need! I’m going to try this one for sure! Xx

  5. 5 Bungee

    Can we use something instead of almond oil? Cause I don’t thing I could find it in my city….

  6. 6 Mary Monroe

    Deff need this!

  7. This is great! I have to try this out 🙂

  8. 8 Mais

    I was using cold cucumber alone without the almond oil and it works well
    cold potatoes are also great for dark circles, just cut them into thin round slices, apply them for 15 min and see the difference

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