Domestic Violence Beautified?!!


By Huda Heidi Kattan

I’m seriously disturbed!! Bulgarian Magazine Twelve, has posted some rather gruesome photos of women who are supposed victims of domestic abuse. The photos displayed women who were gorgeously dressed with makeup and hair and then their “bloody marks of abuse”. The head honchos there actually stated publicly on their website:

“First of all, we would like to say we are happy that our shoot provoked an international discussion, at some scale. It is also important to say, that we do NOT support violence of ANY kind, and this is NOT a shoot glamorizing, or encouraging, or supporting violence against women…we do understand why some accuse us of promoting, in a way, violence, but we do not agree with that, and we think that it is very narrow-minded way of looking at the photographs…fashion photography is an imitation of real life, sometimes realistic, sometimes delicate, other times grotesque, or shocking.”

First of all, in my opinion some of the photos look more like a gory movie than any real abuse. While my heart goes out to women who are abused (sincerely), if I put my self in their shoes and I have very close friends who have been in those shoes, I wouldn’t want to be reminded of that abuse. I think people who think this is artistic may not be thinking of the ones who’ve actually been abused. These photos are disturbing, and as much as I like editorials that push boundaries and bring about conversation and change, I don’t really see anything more than pure publicity for the magazine here. In my opinion, if they have had an overall goal to actually help women, they’ve only helped women who work or own shares in the magazine and not the ones being abused. Yes, it brought about conversation and definitely had a shock factor and that’s all good, but that was it? What do they plan on doing next?

If this truly is such an issue that deserves attention this way, what about other issues, such as war and famine, should we believe a photoshoot of innocent killings and death is the next step to change? Should we glamify those topics as well?

What do you guys think? Should this be taken so seriously or is it going in the right direction?


4 Responses to “Domestic Violence Beautified?!!”

  1. 1 Cindy

    Going for the wrong direction, it’s sad to see how a magazine would go for publicity. These photos are disturbing, it did cause attention but there could of been different ways in bringing this topic to light. There is nothing glamourizing about getting abused and hit on period!

  2. 2 zuhra

    its crazy. very disappointing!!! 😦

  3. 3 Tammy

    As always women are being used in the wrong way. If they were rasing th issue of violence why on earth made up those girls and do those bruzes as well? Who will look like that in real life? If they were aming for a good cuase they should have focused on the blood marks ” and minimize them i think” and show that side of th abuse.

  4. 4 Tawaa

    Maybe we should look at those photos in a different way. Photography is an art, and art tells a full story, maybe they are expecting people to see a story here, that domestic violence does happen to women who otherwise live an ordinary life, women we dress up and look good and lead a nornal fab life hiding the bruises of domestic violence.
    It tells the story that the women next door who leaves every evening lookin so glam, is actually hiding the burden of an ugly thing that happens at home- violence
    Photos tell a story, and its up to us how we want to look at it..

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