Why I LOVE Chanel Skincare! Have You Tried it Yet?


By Huda Heidi Kattan

There are definitely some brands out there that make it really easy on us consumers! They simply understand what it means to create amazing products and stand by that with every new addition! I think I’ve told you guys about my skin–yes, it’s kind of evil! It seems to break out only when I have a photoshoot of taping! For what ever reason, I have really sensitive skin that seems to age a lot faster than most of my friends, of course this just means I have to take extra care! Recently, I have been dabbling with Chanel skincare and I am SOOO impressed! I try so many different brands and products and most of them don’t make it up here unless they are amazing! Chanel is without doubt one of FAVORITE skincare brands! The quality of their face creams and gels is honestly amazing!

One of my girlfriends told me that the Chanel Sublimage Moisturizer was the best thing ever created by man, soooo of course being the curious beauty junkie I am, I was soooo excited to try it! Now, the cream is honestly one of the best textures I have ever tried. It’s definitely a cream, but it’s not greasy at all, it’s so light, it’s almost a thick lotion, which means it is great for any weather! I also like that it soaks into the skin and leaves your skin smooth without the shine, so it’s an amazing base for makeup! This is one of those products that almost every woman can try, no matter what type of skin they have and they can still get amazing results! If anyone is looking for a moisturizer for super hydration and a gorgeous glow, this is DEFINITELY a must!!

Personally, the only thing I don’t like about this product is that it’s in a slightly heavy glass container, which is fine at home, but a little difficult for travel! As for the face wash, it’s incredibly gentle and also hydrating! It’s actually perfect for traveling since it’s in a twisted cover and plastic, so I’ll definitely be taking it with me everywhere!



6 Responses to “Why I LOVE Chanel Skincare! Have You Tried it Yet?”

  1. 1 Mary Monroe

    I’ve never used any moisturizers from Chanel but I have noticed you’ve been using them in your videos lately… Can’t wait to give it a try sounds promising!

  2. 2 Mariam

    I’ve been looking into Chanel skin care lately too and wanted to come across some sort of confirmation that it is good and here it is! Have you tried any of their other products? Since my sunscreen is already pretty thick, I don’t think it’s wise trying another thick lotion out, so I’ll sit this one out but I am considering their other products.

  3. 3 BeautyGlam

    Babe! I was planning on purchasing the Hydra Beauty Gel and Cream this week!! Do u recommend I get the Sublimage moisturizer or the Hydra beauty? Xxx Oh and Happy Happy Happy Father’s Day to your hubby!! 🙂

    • If I had to choose between the two, I would probably choose the Sublimage, just bc it’s a little lighter! The Hydra Beauty Cream is great when you need Extra moisture! Try them out at the store, you will fall in love with their texture!! <3<3<3

      • 5 BeautyGlam

        Ok ill try them out! Thanks Hudie!! Big kiss! Xxx

  4. 6 MakeUpNaive

    Nope not buying Chanel after the scandal recently exposed by gossmakeupartist in YT regarding their eyeshadow: “I’m an ecumenical abuser. If something isn’t right… i’m happy to say so. And in this case something is very wrong.

    I’m all for spending money – believe me. I just spent $5000 on makeup and brushes. I’m saying this to “ooh and ahh” but to say that i’m all for spending money on makeup and good makeup. But when something is VERY wrong it needs to be pointed out.

    In the US the same eyeshadow quads hold 6g and cost $58 of product but over here in the UK they hold 1.2g and cost £37! For the same amount of product as the US have it would cost us £190!!!!! I’m not kidding! £190 for 6g of product! This is truly shocking!!!!

    You notice on the back of both quads it says 1.2g NET WEIGHT. And on the US one it says 6g NET WEIGHT! or US NET WT. 0.24OZ and UK NET WT0.04OZ!

    And remember if baked shadows weight less how come MAC baked eyeshadows are 2.2g for just a little more (money wise) than the none baked eyeshadows which are 1.5g!

    Why aren’t we getting the same amount? It can’t be a quality issue? That would mean the quality was better here than in the US – which isn’t the case. It can’t be a money issue? So what is the issue? Shouldn’t everyone – no matter the country – get the same amount of product for their money?

    To make mattes even worse the eyeshadows in the US are MORE pigmented! Again, this cannot be a quality issue, so what is it?

    Any ideas?

    Also, worth nothing. Baked shadows aren’t any more expensive than “normal” eyeshadows and remember that most eyeshadows we buy have a mark up value of around10-500% I kid you not! The 120 palettes we see, depending on price have a mark up value of 1000% You read that right!”

    Chanel’s Response:
    In response to your recent You Tube video about Chanel eye shadows, please
    find attached a statement from Chanel. We hope this will be helpful to you
    and please direct any questions to either myself or Penelope Cross in the
    Chanel UK press office.

    Chanel would like to respond to questions raised on the differences noted
    between Quadra eye shadow sold in the US and in the UK: The difference in
    weight between these two products is due to different manufacturing
    techniques (baked shadow and powder shadow) and ingredients (pigments,
    binders). The density is also different in the baked shadow sold in the UK
    and many other markets which has a lighter texture compared to powder eye
    shadow sold in the US. This is why the weight of the two products is
    different. However, both products are similar in terms of quality and the
    length of time they last.

    His REPLY:

    Thank you for taking the time and writing me. Believe me its much appreciated. I have read your e-mail thoroughly.

    The problem that i have, and i think many other people have, is that it doesn’t answer the question as to why the grams are so low. While i understand that the processing is different (and i’m still unsure why we have baked in one country and non-baked in another) what this amounts to is a product that contains 4.8grams of eyeshadow less (weight) and a sheerer application! So in order to achieve higher levels of pigmentation we would need to use more! You can see my issue!

    While its probably something i don’t think we will agree on i cannot thank you enough for e-mailing me. I really appreciate it.

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